MoU OGC/Review 2020/Draft

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The draft MOU update below is an update on Exhibit A of (see page 3)



Both parties are committed to findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data principles, and recognize that free and open source software benefits all communities

  1. The purpose of the relationship is to keep one another well informed of respective activities and directions, so that activities may be coordinated to maximize the achievement of our respective missions and goals
  2. Both parties are committed to mutual planning and execution of joint code sprints in order to engage standards developers and software developers
  3. To help stimulate dialogue on standards topics of mutual interest, the OGC will provide OSGeo with an Associate Membership in the OGC. OSGeo members using OGC memberships operate as representatives of OSGeo.
  4. OSGeo will collaborate with OGC to identify open source technologies that can be used as Reference Implementations for and to validate compliance tests developed for OGC adopted standards. For those Reference Implementations developed by OSGeo members that: 1) pass OGC Compliance test procedures, and 2) are selected for use by OGC as a Reference Implementation (or are among the two additional tests used by OGC to validate the Compliance test for public use), OGC will waive the Trademark License fee associated with Compliance certification. This fee is typically paid by the developer on an annual basis. This waiver will remain in effect for that version of software
  5. OSGeo will collaborate with OGC to assess modernization of the Compliance Program software environment.
  6. OGC and OSGeo will work closely to coordinate with OGC membership regarding new standards and standards changes that may be required as a result of open source programs.