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retired 2024

Source Material

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About the poster

The poster has originally been presented at EGU Leonardo Conference. It is now available for OSGeo Advocates to present at FOSS4G and related conferences.


The poster is currently based on the OSGeo-Live v.6.0. Feel free to update it to the most recent version.

How is the poster updated?

You are free to modify it. If you don't have access right to upload your changes, please contact me (Madi) or the OSGeoLive mailing list.

What tools should be used to update the document?

It has been made using LibreOffice. (2013-06-19: Using OpenOffice 3.2.1 seems to have problems. It caused gimp water marks to be shown in a messy way).

How to add another project? How to edit the poster?

Please make sure formatting etc remains consistent. If you open both the presentation and the poster at the same time with Impress, you can copy and paste the images. The squared icons representing the software don't need to be changed in size from the presentation to the poster.

Recommendations for printing the poster

Original size is A0.

What does poster printing typically cost?

It really depends on the paper quality.

Does the marketing committee sponsor printing of the poster?

(Question needs to be asked of the marketing committee).

What is the license on the poster?