OSGeo Hack 2014

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This is a hack sprint for OSGeo. It is a unique opportunity to evolve OSGeo as an organization!

If anybody indicates interest in hacking OSGeo at the code sprint in Portland tomorrow please add your name her:

In past years we have brain stormed around

  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Education
  • Data (specifically how OSGeo can support the Open Data model)
  • How should OSGeo manage FOSS4G?

The day directly after FOSS4G is the best time to develop new ideas and set the seed for future activities. Impressions are still fresh and lots of ideas have popped up. If we do not invest some time into realizing them we are not going to get anywhere. So if you think OSGeo needs a push in a certain direction, join.

There will be representatives from the board of directors, the president (I guess you are there Jeff, right?) and other folks in key roles. It is probably the only time in the year when you will get so many bright OSGeo folks in one place.

(Arnulf was ignorant of the Board actually meeting on that same day. So they will unfortunately not be able to be there all the time but might join in later.

Interested Folks

  • Arnulf Christl I would be happy to contribute to anything you might want to achieve for within and around OSGeo as an organization. If there are no other interested folks here I might sit in with the board meeting.
  • Vasile Craciunescu