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( Just a place where I'm storing some notes for a future presentation. )

Two components in this talk:

Arduino platform

  • Basic microprocessor platform
  • Various input/outputs
  • Lightweight programming
  • Set up with common HID protocols for cross platform operating system support, if desired
  • Interfacing with server side Python for restructuring output


A few of the sensors we used in our experiments:

  • GPS (Garmin eTrex venture)
  • digital compass module
  • accelerometers (wii nunchuk)

OSGeo Software

Depending on needs there are various methods for communicating sensor info back to desktop software. Here are some experiments we made with a few packages.


  • Massimo...


  • XML stream is used to control camera
  • GPS locates the camera, basic programming allows 'circling' camera at position
  • Digital compass - allowed panning 'left/right'
  • accelerometers allowed 2 axis panning


  • Spherical computations

Next Steps

  • Fusion of sensors
  • Find a protocol to use - augmented reality markup?
  • Build an aircraft or a head mounted display system