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This is the "after action report" on our attendence at GeoWeb 2006 (OSGeo_at_GeoWeb2006).


GeoWeb 20006 had ~250 attendees, up from ~100 in previous years (when it was called GML Days). It is a less technical conference than it used to be, but attracts developers, product managers, execs, etc. The event has no open source component.

Our attendence was limited to a couple presentations and some flyers. Given the minimal expense -- basically just the flyers (which I covered anyway) -- it was certainly worth it in that we simply continued to spread the Open Source message to more people.


  • mpg presented his "Introduction to OSGeo" presentation (30-40 in attendence)
    • did get stumped by one question ("copyright policy for contributed projects?"), oops
    • I will put my slides on the "library" pages
    • gave away the last Where 2.0 shirt :-)
  • mpg did two panel sessions (representing both OSGeo and LizardTech)
  • Gary gave his "why Autodesk went to open source" keynote - went well, is available for podcast at [[1]]
  • Ian T. presented a paper (I didn't get to see it, sorry)


We did not have an OSGeo-specific booth, but Autodesk did allow us to put some flyers in their booth. I had made up a few dozen "booklets" consisting of the per-project flyers, plus a several dozen of Tyler's new one-page overview flyer -- the Autodesk guys were nice enough to push them out to people. (I was not able to spend any time at the booth.)

Only a dozen or so of the 1-page flyers were left at the end.


  • Our own Jason B was there for a day (attending one of my (non-OSGeo) talks).
  • Geoff Z. from Autodesk and a few others mentioned OSGeo and our efforts during their own presentations
  • mpg got a number of people asking questions, etc, after his presentation
  • One exec from a small but well known GIS company said he'd like to join us (mpg will forward details to FunCom).
  • mpg got to meet Lisa L -- seems to have a good background for what we need!
  • mpg was unable to participate in the meetup; not sure if it happened in the end or not
  • (and mpg and Gary had a nice dinner, too)
  • got some nice/appreciative comments from some OGC execs, too