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The Open Lunar Science Working Group is a tentative working group active in the Geoscience domain within the OSGeo Open Geoscience Committee specifically created to contribute to all the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams by providing FOSS4G solutions and data.

Of interest

WG Members

Objectives (Draft)

Provide tools and data for moon exploration.

  • Data:
  • Rasters
  • DEM
  • Vector data
  • Projections & datum
  • Tools:
  • API
  • Libraries
  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Demos
  • Case studies

Activities Plan

  • Research on materials and tools: (Rajan)
  • Moon images and datasets available along with their licenses.
  • Tools.
  • Published papers.
  • Frigeri, A, Hare, T, Neteler, M., Coradini, A, Federico, C, Orosei, R. (2011). A research environment for digital planetary data processing and mapping using ISIS and GRASS GIS. Planetary and Space Science, 59(11-12), pp.1265-1272
  • collect available data
  • provide open dataset
  • call for a challenge
  • Provide tutorial based on goals and audience:
  • Measure distances between points.
  • Create images mosaics.
  • Routing for moon lander: shortest path, economical,...
  • Geo-reference - case: someone with a telescope takes a pic, locate it in the moon map.
  • Terrain visualization.
  • Moon geomorphology
  • VR simulation
  • Add more

Secondary activities

OSGEO Moon Edition Logo - first draft

Lost and Found

link Category Description
FOSS4G2008_Demos Internal existing material Demos and supporting material, possible candidates to assist on the task.