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List of GRASS Tutorials

Tutorial 1: GRASS in a Nutshell

Source: File:Grass6 nutshell2005.pdf

Tutorial 2: GRASS and a GPS (historical)

Source: File:Ottawa Chapter Tutorial 2 GPS and GRASS.pdf

Tutorial 3: Building Ottawa GRASS Location

Source: File:Ottawa Chapter Tutorial 3 Building Ottawa.pdf

Tutorial 4: Building_National_Framework GRASS Location

Source: File:Ottawa Chapter Tutorial 4 Building National Framework.pdf

Tutorial 5: Raster Elevation Data in GRASS

Source: Raster Elevation Data in GRASS

Tutorial 6: Introduction to GRASS GIS

Scott Mitchell gave a new workshop on GRASS on 17 Oct 2011; the tutorial document and dataset are available here.

Tutorial Input

This section is designed to help solicit input to creation and execution of out tutorials

Grass Tutorial

This is an area to get input in structuring our upcoming GRASS tutorial

Date: TBD (Spring/summer 2009) Location: Carleton University(?) Time: Evening


  • Introduce users to the GRASS desktop GIS
  • Access basic GRASS functions through

Participant Requests

  • eg. Have fun and deliver an informative tutorial Dave Sampson
  • enter your request here

Tutorial Ideas

1. Tutorial Title: QGIS Plugins

  Presenter: Dave Sampson
  Date (TBD):
  * Introduce the user to QGIS
  * Demonstrate various plugins
  ** finding them
  ** Choosing them
  ** installing them
  * Create simple Python based plugin (eg Hello world, plot a point)

2. Tutorial title: FOSS4G GPS Capturing

  presenter: Dave Sampson
  * Day 1: Weekend
  * Day 2: Weeknight (unless we can access a computer lab on the weekend)
  * demonstrate the use of GPS and FOSS4G tools in capturing and sharing
  ** waypoints
  ** tracks
  ** routes

3. Tutorial title: Intro to Serving Maps on the Internet with MapServer

  presenter: Jeff McKenna
  User level: beginner
  Tutorial length: 2 hours
  * Installing on Windows
  * Configuring MapServer
  * Accessing various spatial data formats
  * Tips and Tricks