PDX OSGEO 20130717 Meeting

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Time and Location

  • July 17th, 6-8pm
  • Renewable Funding
  • 400 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 902
  • Portland, OR 97204 USA
  • map
  • If you arrive after 6pm, please buzz the security guard, who will open the doors and let you up to the 9th floor.
  • The office is through the double doors immediately to the left after exiting the elevators.


  1. FOSS4G - PDX and DC tied/confused, email list announcement
  2. OSM building import plan for Portland (and beyond)
  3. Proposed T-Shirt order
  4. Justin will talk about the new Geo Stuff in GitHub
  5. 10, August, Anniversary of Open Streetmap (the 9th) -- a map party that day, else after labor day?


Attending: Neil Revello (City of Portland), Rob Denner (GeoCEG), Darrell Furhman (Renewable Funding), Justin Palmer (GitHub), Katie, Tanya Haddad (OCMP), Rafa Gutierez, Grant Humphries (Trimet), Justin Miller (Mapbox), Daniel, Eli Adam (Lincoln County), Chris Jones (Mapbox) Ian Irvine (Meridian)


Somehow the vote is a tie. Discuss...

T-Shirt Orders

Eli is offering to consolidate a Cafepress order for us so we can save on shipping and defray the costs a bit (using marketing team money). Please let Eli know if you want a T-shirt for use when you are volunteering at the booth. You can check out the shirts here: http://www.cafepress.com/osgeo/1752234 and here: http://www.cafepress.com/osgeo/1752334

OpenStreetMap Building and Address import

Darrell has begun a wiki page outlining the process here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Portland,_OR_Bldg_import

Basically we want to work with the best available building and address data from the city, and create the features that do not already exist in OSM, attach the appropriate tags (based on what we can augment from open RLIS information) and then bring this into OSM.

Dealing with Addresses is going to be challenging for a couple of reasons:

  1. city building polygons do not have a key that directly links to addresses. Address points are keyed to Taxlots, so Building centroids could be attributed with Taxlot IDs, in order to figure out one to many relationships
  2. even once you have the addresses that go with buildings, we need to decide the preferred method to add these

Our process will be a combination of

  1. Phase I: pre-processing of the data, (Darrell is working on a script check it out here: http://github.com/pdxosgeo/pdxbldgimport/). This will involve a bunch of anaylses and many discussions with the city to get everything as lined up as possible in advance
  2. Phase II: a lot of manual review once preliminary work is done. Eventually we want a system where people can sign up to review their neighborhood for example. Manual review will involve checking data, but also importing steps, and information about how to do conflation with any existing buildings.

Buildings that already exist in OSM will be left alone but will be augmented with addresses and any other data that is missing (e.g. building heights).

Things that would be really cool:

  1. time table for all this work
  2. list of interested people for Phase I and Phase II on the wiki page
  3. our own MapRoulette type app to clean up the data

Justin M's tour of the new features in GitHub

check out the new ability to put geojson data on github and instantly visualize it on a leaflet map. File size limit of 10MB.

URL's toured:

  1. Original GitHub map launch: https://github.com/blog/1528-there-s-a-map-for-that
  2. GitHub HowTo: https://help.github.com/articles/mapping-geojson-files-on-github
  3. GitHub map improvements: https://github.com/blog/1541-geojson-rendering-improvements
  4. My sample bike ride GeoJSON (converted from a Strava GPX export): https://github.com/incanus/MapBoxBikeRide2013/blob/master/mapbox.json
  5. GitHub gists -- great way to share snippets: https://gist.github.com
  6. My coworker Tom's GeoJSON gist editor/displayer: http://macwright.org/edit-geojson/#6021013 (replace with your own gist #)
  7. Handy quick-clone tool for Macs: http://www.getcloning.com
  8. GeoGit: http://geogit.org
  9. Max Ogden's dat proposal: https://github.com/maxogden/dat
  10. Justin Palmer's Portland buildings map: http://dealloc.me/2013/06/30/the-making-of-pdx.html
  11. portland building footprints color coded by age: http://labratrevenge.com/pdx/#12/45.4800/-122.670