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Pista ng Mapa 2022 was the 4th iteration of the Pista ng Mapa conference. It was the first Pista ng Mapa to be held on-site since the COVID-19 pandemic started and was a joint conference with State of the Map Asia 2022. It consisted of the first 2 days of the 5-day joint conference, with the third day reserved for workshops.

(see: Pista ng Mapa 2022 website)

Attendance and Participants

Pista ng Mapa x State of the Map Asia 2022 was attended by 225 local and 79 international participants across the five conference days.

The conference has always advocated for diversity and inclusion. For Pista ng Mapa 2022, the percentage of conference participants were:

Pronouns Percentage of participants
He/Him 54%
She/Her 43%
They/Them 2%
Rather not say/Did not answer 1%

Travel Grants

With the help of the joint conference's sponsors, 22 local travel grants were awarded.

Conference Program

See: PnM 2022 Conference Program

The joint conference accepted presentations from both local and international participants. These were then divided into Pista Ng Mapa (Days 1 & 2) for local/Filipino presenters and State of the Map Asia (Days 4 & 5) for international presenters. Workshops were held mid-week (Day 3).

In total there were 57 presentations for Pista ng Mapa 2022 divided into:

Event Number
Keynote 3
Talks 18
Workshops 17
Lightning talks 16
Sponsor talk 3

Conference swags

Those who attended the joint conference got a free Pista ng Mapa 2022 swag bag (shirt, facemask, tote bag, mouse pad) and conference certificates.


The five-day program included a cultural showcase on the fourth day where participants were encouraged to come in their culture and student volunteers showcased talents through songs and folk dances, reflecting our culture and hospitality.

Organizing Committee

Core Organizers

(see: Pista ng Mapa 2022 Organizing Committee)

Partners and Sponsor

As a not-for-profit, and volunteer-driven endeavor, Pista ng Mapa rely on hundreds of donated work hours that go into planning, organizing and running the conference. As a free-of-charge conference, organizers seek the support of organizations and donors to provide significant financial assistance to successfully host the event.

The generosity of our volunteer-advocates, and community supporters (individuals, corporations, NGOs) are crucial in helping us promote our goal of advancing the use of free software and open (geo)data, and grow local communities outside the capital region of the Philippines. Every donation matters and is deeply appreciated. Donors are acknowledged in several ways in the conference. Contributions at higher tiers are also entitled to additional privileges and expressions of appreciation.


Sponsors are those that provide financial or in-kind support for particular programs and events.

Our sponsors in each tier are listed alphabetically below.

PnM 2022 Sponsors
Tier Name
Co-presenter Meta (formerly Facebook)
Co-presenter HOT Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific
Major BNHR
Major GeoLadies PH
Major OpenStreetMap Philippines
Major MapBeks
Major Mental Health AWHEREness
Minor Mapbox
Minor Soar
Minor Thinking Machines

Strategic Partners

Organizations, businesses and individuals who have an idea for a unique partnership that is mutually beneficial and aids us in meeting our vision and outreach goals are strategic partners!

PnM2022 Strategic Partners
Partner Name
Venue Bicol University
Local volunteers GEP Bicol University Student Chapter