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  • Software to organize conference submissions
  • Pretalx is easy to use, offers talk/submission, Community Voting, Speaker portrait, Program generation, Export & more

OSGeo pretalx Instance

  • OSGeo runs a pretalx instance that can be used for FOSS4G conferences.
  • it is used for FOSS4G 2022 at first and several more conferences since

Contact persons

You would like to use Pretalx for your event?

We are happy if you would like to use the OSGeo Pretalx instance for your event.

This is the workflow to get your own team and event:

  1. please contact: a person from the list above
  2. as s conference organizers you can ask to have access providing one person

as admin for the call

  1. you will be added to a new team and then we can create a new event (or more then one if your event takes place for example every year)
  2. when the team was created you can manage the rest on your own
  3. if you have further question we support you


List of events where pretalx was used