Provenance Review Template

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<Project> Provenance Review

Project History

Summarise the history of the source code, including discussion about code ownership and license over time.


List or reference a table of included libraries and/or components. Include:

  • Library Name
  • License
  • Whether the library licence is compatible with the project
  • Whether the library is compiled into the project's releases, or required as an external dependancy
  • Whether the library is included in the project's code repository
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Ok? (Yes/No/Black - implies not checked yet)
  • Comment(s)
Library Licence Compatible? Included in core? Issue(s)? Ok? Comments
Library Licence yes yes n/a yes

Source Files

List of source files, including code, documentation and data, including:

  • File name
  • License
  • Copyright Holder (if known)
  • License header included?
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Ok? (Yes/No/Black implies not checked yet)
  • Comment(s)

File Licence Copyright Holder Licenced? Issue(s)? Ok? Comments
File Licence <org/person> yes n/a yes

Copyright Holders

List or reference all copyright holders of the project's source files. These are all the people that would need to be contacted if the license of the project is to be changed. List:

  • Organisation or person
  • Contact details for Organisation or person
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Comments
Copyright Holder Contact details Issue? Comments
<org/person> ...


List or reference a table of committers, including:

  • Committer name
  • Commit username in code repository
  • Committer's employer(s) (if applicable)
  • Committer (or employer) has signed contribution agreement? (yes/no)

Committer Username Affiliation Contribution Agrement Signed? Ok?
Name Username Company Yes Yes

Further Issues

List or reference a list of any outstanding issues not already listed above. Typically link to issues in project's issue tracker.