Romanian Chapter Report 2008

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Romanian Local Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • Visibility at conferences and workshops:
    • 30-31 May 2008: a general presentation of, Romanian in formation chapter and OSGeo was done at the "International Symposium on Technical Geography", in Cluj Napoca - Romania.
    • 16-19 June 2008: a poster with activities was presented at the "Evaluating Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) for Environmental Applications" workshop, organized by FP6 CASCADOSS project consortium (, in Warsaw - Poland.
    • 24-25 September 2008: general presentation at 16th GIS Users Conference, Iasi - Romania.
    • 11-12 December 2008: general presentation at the "Technologies for the consolidation of the national spatial data infrastructure" conference ( held in Bucharest.
  • Meetings:
    • 28 February 2008: meeting in a pub. 17 attendees. City: Bucharest. Details and photos at
    • 30 May 2008: meeting in a pub. 7 attendees. City: Cluj Napoca.
    • 25 September 2008: meeting at the Faculty of Geography - University of Bucharest. Presentations on open source software use (VTP, OpenLayers, Geoserver, PostGIS, Geonetwork, LeoWorks) and free talks. 21 attendees. Photos and details at
    • 23 October: meeting at the Faculty of Geography - University Alexandru Ioan Cuza. 35 attendees. City: Iasi. Practical introductions to open source webmapping software (OpenLayers, Geoserver), OpenStreetMap Romania presentation and live demos, free talks. Details and photos at
    • 13-14 December: first real "hands on" workshop on webmapping. 13 attendees. City: Brasov. Details and photos at
  • Open letter
    • An open letter, signed by 39 GIS users, was sent to the Romanian National Mapping Agency (, asking to support us in replacing the existing transformations between the Romanian coordinate systems and WGS84 in EPSG tables with more accurate (and public) ones. The answer was positive ( and the new transformations were approved by EPSG board.
  • Translations
    • The important sections on were translated to Romanian an published on The translation will be soon moved to

Areas for Improvement

  • Present the FOSS benefits to companies involved in the geospatial business here in Romania

Opportunities to Help

Outlook for 2009

  • In partnership with the Faculty of Geography - University Babes - Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, we are organizing an seminar on free and open source geospatial solutions. The event will take place between 3-4 of April 2009 and will be hosted by the Faculty of Geography, in Cluj Napoca. The event consist in general presentations and "hands on" workshops. Four type of workshops are planned: webmapping (using Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Geonetwork), 3D visualization (using VTP), geomorphological analysis (using SAGA GIS), satellite image processing (using LeoWorks). Seats are available for 30 persons at each workshop. The complete program can be downloaded at Other details will be available at
  • Regular meetings during the whole year
  • Become an official local chapter
  • Publish more articles and datasets on