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I think this page is obsolete

Telascience and SDSU have substantial bandwidth available for mirroring useful Open Source Geospatial software and datasets. Datasets are primarily handled by the Geodata Committee, but Software ISO mirroring is handled by SAC.

The process to mirror an iso is to:

  1. Propose the ISO to be mirrored to the sac mailing list. Try to include some details on what it is all about, who it is for, what software it includes, etc.
  2. Wait 2 working days for support and objections. At least two SAC members should speak up in support, and there be no objections to proceed.
  3. Put the iso somewhere web accessable.
  4. Notify John Graham (johng at who will copy it to:
  5. Notify the original requestor the mirror is active.
  6. Add the item to the following list for contact purposes.

There has also been an index.html maintained in the past, but this may be somewhat hard now that the files have to be copied by John.

Mirrored ISOs

  1. foss4gtk.iso - Contact: Venkatesh (raghavan at, Details:
  2. GN_OS203.iso - Contact: Jeroen Tichler (Jeroen.Ticheler at, Details:
  3. lausanneLiveCD_release_proj.iso - Contact: ?, Details: FOSS4G Conference Workshop Live CD