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OCS is the Open Conference Systems software (installed on osgeo1)

  • Download OCS 2.0 tarball or from CVS
  • See Install README
  • Save to /var/www/ocs/htdocs and create /var/www/ocs/files for uploads, etc. outside of public web access
  • Copy default config to main:
sudo cp /var/www/ocs2/htdocs/ /var/www/ocs2/htdocs/
  • Create httpd conf.d file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ocs.conf:
Alias /ocs "/var/www/ocs2/htdocs"
<Directory "/var/www/ocs2/htdocs">
    Options None
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
  • restart httpd
  • Set permissions in /var/www/ocs2/htdocs
sudo chown apache.apache public cache cache/t_cache cache/t_config cache/t_compile cache/_db
  • Set permissions for files upload location
sudo chown apache.apache /var/www/ocs2/files
  • Create new mysql database called "ocs", set user ocs to have full rights to the db
  • Web based installer should launch now:
    • Set Connection and Database character encoding to Unicode UTF-8
    • Change directory for uploads to /var/www/ocs/files
    • Change password encryption type to SHA1
    • Enter an admin account for OCS
    • Enter MySQL account info, turn off "create new database" option
    • Set "OAI repository identifier" to ""