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Just starting a page for those in the local area to meet.


  • This is a first cut at a concept for a San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) local chapter of OSGeo.


  • The primary mission of the SFBA chapter would be to develop the local geospatial community through in-person events.


  • Introduce the many members of the SFBA geospatial community to each other. We don't talk enough!
  • Provide a forum for sharing advice and experiences using different open-source geospatial tools.
  • Encourage interop testing and real collaborative development through events a la SHDH or BarCamp.
  • Provide a local anchor for the growing state-wide California chapter.

Proposed Chapter Goals For 2008

  • Host at least quarterly gatherings for the local community, emphasizing sharing advice, asking questions, and forging new collaborations.
  • Support and shape the formation fo the California state-wide chapter.

Initial Membership


Start by joining and using the California Mailing List.