Sixth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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The sixth meeting was held June 8th, 2006. The agenda can be found at Sixth_VisCom_Meeting.

The meeting was held via conf call, lasting about 30 mins. mpg ran the meeting.

Attendees: Daniel, Peter, mpg

Where Planning

  • shirts - all is well: shipments have begun, mpg bringing a box to CA with him
  • brochures - all is well, Tyler in control (reports Peter)
  • opt-in-list - might have some issues here, see Peter's email
  • booth - all is well, Peter has some Autodesk folk doing setup, etc
  • posting of documents and templates - Peter is trying, with help from Daniel
  • roundtable with press - all is well; mpg to ask Rich to ask for permission to podcast
  • discussion of how to do lead generation - we might have a computer, and/or a fishbowl

Face-to-Face Planning

We didn't really have a quorum, so we didn't really do this.


  • Daniel gave some informal, unaudited stats on how many people have signed up on the website, hits to the website, etc.
  • We have a new tagline (see Daniel's mail)
  • Getting Aaron his logo-and-tagline-loot is underway
  • Daniel is mediating a battle between Rollyo and IE.
  • Noted that "co-branding" with the logo is a no-no. See the Guidelines for details.

Next Meeting

Our next regular meeting will be in two weeks, same time and number and channel.