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Monday 19 December 2022 12h - 13h UTC



  • Angelos Tzotsos
  • Cordina Ilie
  • Joana Simoes
  • Rajat Shinde
  • Tom Kralidis
  • Torsten Friebe


  • roll call
  • terms of reference
  • TC representation
  • participation
  • work items
    • CITE
    • OGC workshop and dedicated onboarding sessions?
      • timeline Q1 2023
      • call for interest Jan 2023
    • bidding for innovation initiatives (as a coordinated OSGeo)
      • how to govern funding from other organizations
      • selection of parts of a bid
      • joint sprint (locations TBC)
        • Q1 2023: Switzerland
        • Q2/Q3: US
        • Q4 2023: London, UK
    • OSGeo / OGC / ASF sprint


  • Scope of committee
    • should be a standards committee
      • OGC (MoU)
      • ISO/TC211 (liaison)
      • other orgs?
        • INSPIRE (ask Marco M?)
        • ANZLIC (Adam S)
        • WMO?
        • ESA? Can be through OGC
        • CEOS?
  • OGC TC participation
    • business and technical representative
      • business is ex-officio OSGeo president
      • need OGC TC technical representative
      • need procedure for technical rep selection (email to -standards, etc.?)
      • transparency: record of OSGeo decisions within DWG/SWGs?
      • participant can make decisions in DWG/SWGs
        • reports back on how they voted
        • if multiple participants in a single DWG/SWG, resolve among yourselves
        • report on status of standards/major initiatives to mailing list (pointing to wiki)
  • bids
    • needs thinking/planning
    • how to deal with finances
      • managed by standards committee
      • socializing opportunities to community
      • need clear and transparent procedures
  • product compliance (annually)
    • gathering test results
      • end of year: submit compliance request
      • on volunteer basis
      • email from OGC
      • forward to existing projects
  • onboarding
    • OGC has fixed onboarding sessions for any member
    • can reuse / point community to existing onboarding
    • if a specific OSGeo specific need arises, we can discuss a dedicated session w/ OGC
  • joint sprint (OGC/OSGeo/ASF)
    • need to clarify options (Q1 or Q4)


  • ACTION: rename to standards committee (Tom)
  • ACTION: reach out to INSPIRE/Marco (Codrina)
  • ACTION: clarify with ANZLIC (Codrina)
  • ACTION: complete terms of reference on by next meeting (all)
  • ACTION: add Rajat and Bruce to OGC membership (Angelos)

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