System Administration Committee Motion

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I, Frank Warmerdam, move that a System Administration Committee be formed to manage all non-CollabNet computer systems operated by OSGeo.

The initial committee will include:

  • Norman Vine (Chair)
  • Howard Butler
  • John Graham
  • Frank Warmerdam

The System Administration Committee (SAC) has responsibilities to:

  • Develop published policies and procedures for managing systems, and system services.
  • Solicit input from stakeholders on requred system services, and to prioritize which to offer and when.
  • Assign appropriate security and other responsibilities to administrators and users for access to systems.
  • Ensure core OSGeo system services are well maintained, highly available and recoverable in case of system failure.
  • Recommend system expenditures to the Board.


  • Initially the non-CollabNet computer systems means the system at Telascience but it is possible that other resources may be added later.
  • Control and policies on contributed systems is ultimately subject to the contributor. So Telascience can place such bounds as they see fit on use of Telascience systems for instance.
  • Projects may maintain their own non-OSGeo systems (such as, or and these are not administered by this committee.
  • It is anticipated that a cadre of system administrators will make up the bulk of the committee, but it is also reasonable to have some members representing user needs who may not have any actual administration access.
  • Generally speaking non-project web presence remains the mandate of the Web Committee.
  • While the System Administration Committee may establish policies, procedures and priorities on it's own without seeking approval from the board, it is still subject to direction from the board.
  • The committee exists primarily to provide services to OSGeo projects, and committees. It can also provide more general services to the community as resources permit.