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Taiwan Chapter of OSGeo (閱本頁於中文框)

About Taiwan OSGeo Chapter


The mission of Taiwan local chapter is to empower Taiwan's geo-spatial information society via:

  • Facilitate the development of open source geo-spatial software
  • Promote open source geo-spatial software
  • Promote collecting and sharing of geo-spatial data in public and private sector


  • Legalization of OSGeo Taiwan
  • Geo-spatial data roadmap?
  • Localization?
  • Goverment agencies lobby project

Other possible not yet discussed objectives;

  • Integrating grassroot Geo-Data processing community and Scaling-up
  • Visionizing future global geo-spatial scenario
  • Lobbying and influencing governmental open geo-data initiatives
  • Promotion and outreaching in GIS market and user communities
  • Forming strategic alliance among affiliations

Legal status

Volunteer organization right now, about to turn into a legal Taiwanese organization.


  • Mr. Dongpo Deng (?)
  • Mr. Hsiung-Ming "veevee" Liao (Computing Center, Academia Sinica)
  • Mr. Shih-Chieh "Ilya" Li (NDAP, Academia Sinica)
  • Mr. Sander Borghuis (Hydrotech Research Institute, National Taiwan University)
  • Dr. Tain-Yuan Shih
  • Dr. Tyng-Ruey Chuang (Creative Commons Taiwan Project, IIS, Academia Sinica)
  • Mr. Yi-Hong Chang (IIS, Academia Sinica)
  • Mr. Tsung-Wei "Marr" Hu (OSSF, IIS, Academia Sinica)
  • Dr. Sheng-Tsai Huang (NPUST, Community University)
  • Mr. Kuei-Cheng Chen (Steps Co.,LTD)
  • Mr. Eric Sun (OSSACC)
  • Mr. TzuChiang Liou (IIS, Academia Sinica)
  • Mr. 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
  • Mr. 徐子涵 TH Schee

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