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Minutes of Organising Committee Meetings


- minimal notes, but action items are recorded

- present: simon, cameron, tyler, tim bowden, jody, dave, shoaib

next meeting - every 2 weeks; 1pm sydney time, alternating with TH present

ACTION: simon to update calendar and notify people re meeting status

4.1 - ACTION: cameron to ask TH to send "project plan" to list

ACTION: cameron to arrange with TH re to-do list/communication

4.2 - ACTION: everyone on OC to review budget

ACTION: TH to identify items waiting for OC input

4.4 ACTION - OC to revive discussions with TH re Sponsorship prospectus

ACTION - simon to send preliminary program info to the list for discussion

TH joins meeting: denisa, janelle, daniel

- Denisa has conflict with another conference, so Julia & Nicole will be taking her place, once they are familiar with our file

- venues - workshops -- clifton's: smaller rooms, therefore 12 concurrent workshops, so not a good choice

-- two other venue options: SCEC has rooms available(other potential client hasn't signed their contract); Australian technology park(6 rooms, not sure of Monday availability for setup)

ACTION: TH to summarize workshop venue info in an email to public list

brief discussion with TH of above Action Items from earlier in the meeting