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Actions from meetings are being managed in this google docs spreadsheet:

The FOSS4G 2009 Organising Committee is responsible for the organization of the conference. More information can be found on the FOSS4G_2009_Governance page.

All wiki pages for FOSS4G 2009 meetings are listed under the Meetings category


Next Meeting

Current Meeting

2009/10/14 Funding Lunch


  • Cameron Shorter
  • Harley Prowse
  • Bruce Bannerman
  • Julia Vernon (Arinex)


  • Julia explained that we now have sufficient budget to lunch.
  • Decided that our preference was for:
    • light morning tea
    • buffet lunch, which we expect we can afford now. Julia to confirm price
    • light afternoon tea
  • This leaves a little in the budget to cover any refunds we may need to honour.
  • If we attract more delegates in the upcoming week, we hope to be able to contribute to some of the filming costs, in return for sponsorship publicity on the films.

2009/10/07 arinex / Organising Committee

  • Agenda
    • Registration
      • Registration Update (ARX)
    • Program
      • Code Sprint (ARX)
      • Chairpersons (OC)
      • Session Slides (ARX)
      • Shaun Kolomeitz, Qld Parks (OC)
    • Other Business
      • Registration Desk (ARX / OC)
      • Delegate Lunch Catering (ARX)
      • Satchel Pack (OC)
      • PRE Arrival Letter (ARX)
      • Poster Boards (OC)
      • OC Briefing and Venue Site Inspection (ARX / OC)
      • Update from Nicole (ARX)

2009/09/02 Updated Meeting

  • Agenda
    • Action Items Review
    • Workshop Items
      • Timeline for image machine installation.
      • Remote access to workshop presenters.
    • Tutorial uploads (to be handled the same as presentations)

Prior Organising Committee Meetings

2009/09/16 arinex / Organising Committee

  • Agenda
    • Sponsorship & Exhibition
      • Update (ARX)
    • Registration
      • Registration Update (ARX)
    • Social Program
      • Opening Ceremony - Welcome to Country (ARX / OC)
      • Welcome Reception (ARX / OC)
      • Conference Dinner (ARX / OC)
    • Program
      • Demo Theatre Requirements (OC)
      • AV Matrix (ARX / OC)
      • 'Workshop Only’ Registration Category (ARX / OC)
      • Program Book (OC)
      • Code Sprint Venue (OC)
    • Other Business
      • Certificate of Attendance (ARX / OC)
      • Delegate List (ARX / OC)
      • Delegate Catering (ARX / OC)
      • OC Onsite Requirements (ARX / OC)
      • Committee Ribbons (ARX / OC)
    • Review Actions:
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 7th October 2009, 1300 – 1400
  • Action Notes:
    • Sponsorship & Exhibition
      • ACTION – CS to call Brad from Lagan Spatial to discuss possible promotional opportunities
    • Registration
      • ACTION – JV to base revised budget on actual paid attendees and do not account for not paid or expected additional registrations
    • Social Program
    • Opening Ceremony
      • ACTION – ARX to email details of the traditional land owners to CS for inclusion in his opening speech - DONE
    • Conference Dinner
      • ACTION – OC confirmed beverage package option 1 as included in ticket price
      • ACTION – OC confirmed that if delegates would prefer a different main meal than what they are served, they will need to swap with other delegates on their table
      • ACTION – SH will give the chairs housekeeping notes which include promotion of the dinner
    • Program
    • Demo Theatre
      • ACTION – ARX to check that the meeting room can accommodate 2 screens and 2 data projectors and include costs in AV matrix
      • ACTION – JG to provide NH with brief description of the demo theatre for the program book by Friday 18th September 2009
    • AV Matrix
      • ACTION – ARX to obtain quotes and add in additional screen and projector for Demo Theatre
    • Workshop only registrations
      • ACTION – ARX to email OC with an update on workshop registration numbers - DONE
    • Program Book
    • Ignite Spatial
      • ACTION – SH to contact Stephen Lead for the Ignite Spatial information he would like printed in the program book - DONE
    • Academic / Non-academic presenters
      • ACTION – ARX to list presenter names and topics in program book and include a note to say ‘Please refer to the website for further biography and abstract information’
    • Sol Katz Award
      • ACTION – JM to confirm text and provide a photo
    • Poster Presenters
      • ACTION – ARX to email SB and request that he change the number of posters from 36 to 32 on the FOSS4G website
    • Lightning Talks
      • ACTION – SH to send the names and bios of the speakers as well as a blurb for the talks to NH
    • Code Sprint Venue
      • ACTION – Steve to update when UTS bandwidth has been confirmed by Friday 18 September
      • ACTION – ARX to release SCEC and confirm UTS once bandwidth is confirmed
      • ACTION – JV to introduce Steve into the AARNET & SCEC internet discussions
      • ACTION – ARX to add UTS Saturday and Sunday to the Budget
    • Other business
    • Certificate of Attendance
      • ACTION – CS to email ARX with an alternate signature - DONE
    • Delegate Catering
      • ACTION – JV to include the bulked up morning and afternoon tea option in the budget, but leave the lunch out for now
      • ACTION – ARX to discuss with SCEC a kiosk option for lunches to be sold onsite
      • ACTION – ARX to be prepared to have lunch information printed separately and inserted into the program book
    • OC Requirements for Committee Room
      • ACTION – CS will setup a list of OC and ARX contacts in Google Docs and circulate to OC members
    • Committee Ribbons
      • ACTION – ARX to organise these for the OC
    • Sponsorship & Exhibition Agreements
      • ACTION – JV to forward a copy of the OC & CCIP agreement to Bruce - DONE
      • ACTION – ARX to review potential sponsors spreadsheet and cross check with actual achieved sponsorship and forward to OC
    • Live DVDs
      • ACTION – JV to update budget with revised unit cost of $4 per CD
    • Speaker briefing notes
      • ACTION – ARX to forward speaker notes to the client - DONE

2009/08/19 arinex / Organising Committee

  • Agenda
    • Sponsorship & Exhibition
      • Update (ARX / OC)
    • Registration
      • Update (ARX)
    • Program
      • Program Update (SH)
      • Session Chairperson and Speaker Briefing Notes (ARX)
      • Program Book (ARX)
      • CD Rom (ARX)
    • Other Business
      • Code Sprint Venue Status (CS)
      • Delegate Satchels (ARX / OC)
      • Conference Dinner Menus (ARX / OC)
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 16th September 2009, 1300 - 1400

Action Notes:

  • Registration
    • ACTION – OC to follow up with SSSI and ACRS to ensure the Conference information is reaching these members. ARX to monitor discounted registrations over the next few weeks.
    • ACTION – ARX is updating the current column of the budget and will work on a projected total of 400 delegates as this is projected to be achievable based on current registrations.
    • ACTION – ARX to send the OC a registration list showing all early bird registrations - DONE. OC is to then cross check this list with the Conference speakers to ensure they have all registered.
  • Program
    • ACTION – ARX to email SB & SH and ask for poster information to be updated on the Conference website - DONE
    • ACTION – CS to send press release promoting the poster submission date of 21st September.
    • ACTION – HP and SH to send the finalised program to ARX by 14th September for inclusion in the program book.
    • ACTION – ARX to speak to IT and find out if Open Office can be installed on the Conference laptops that will be used onsite - In Progress
    • ACTION – ARX to ensure that there is an FTP section on the FOSS4G website so speakers can upload their presentations prior to the Conference. Uploading rules and size limits will need to be advertised.
    • ACTION – ARX to provide generic presentation formatting guidelines to be put on the FOSS4G website.
    • ACTION – ARX to send HP an example of speaker presentation guidelines and he will update them to include live demo instructions.
    • ACTION – ARX to provide costs for a Speaker Preparation Room, and consider possibility of using some of the unsold exhibition space - In Progress
    • ACTION – OC to send out speaker and chair briefing notes 5 - 4 weeks prior to Conference.
    • ACTION – ARX to confirm what the intellectual property rules are on arinex developed documents, such as the chairperson and speaker briefing notes, being used for future Conferences.
    • ACTION – ARX to check whether or not we have a copy of the 2007 program book. If not, ARX are to advise CS and he will send one over – DONE - ARX have a copy
  • Code Sprint Venue Status
    • ACTION – CS to send ARX an estimate of the accommodation and flight costs for Steve Walsh. ARX to add these costs to the budget, in addition to the two complimentary registrations for Ultimo Tafe staff.
    • ACTION – ARX to copy Steve Walsh into all emails to Ultimo Tafe in regards to the Code Sprint.
  • Delegate Satchels
    • ACTION – ARX to reduce the satchel unit cost to $4.50 in the budget as this will be the maximum satchel cost per delegate.
  • Conference Dinner
    • ACTION – ARX to discuss having an alternate main meal and/or side dishes available to ensure delegates are not left hungry – DONE - Menu confirmed by OC via email
  • Program
    • ACTION – ARX to discuss workshop computer imaging dates with IT and respond to OC.
    • ACTION – ARX to copy Steve Walsh into related emails, as he is heavily involved in AARNET.

2009/07/15 CCIP status


  • Raj Singh, OGC
  • Greg Buehler, OGC
  • Bastian Schaffer, 52North
  • Cameron Shorter, Lisasoft, FOSS4G


  • CCIP call for participation press release went out today:
  • Bastian wishes to add a few points to the scenario
  • Action: Bastian to coordinate with Bruce Bannerman, and update scenario in wiki.
  • Action: Cameron to suggest potential interested parties to Raj, and Raj to follow up.

2009/07/15 arinex / Organising Committee

  • Agenda
    • Social Program
      • Conference Dinner (arinex/OC)
    • Registration and Marketing
      • Update on Registration (arinex)
      • Marketing - Next Press Release (arinex / OC)
    • Program
      • Program Update - Program on website (SH)
      • Ultimo Tafe Meeting Update (CS)
      • CCIP Meeting Update (CS / arinex)
    • Other Business
      • Floral Arrangements
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 19th August 2009, 1300 – 1400

Action Notes:

  • Social Programme - Conference Dinner
    • ACTION – arinex advised that two vessels are currently on hold for the Conference Dinner. The vessel will be confirmed as the Conference gets closer and we have a better indication of guest numbers.
    • ACTION – arinex will print a map on the back of the dinner tickets so delegates can easily find Jetty 9, King Street Wharf.
    • ACTION – CS to confirm closer to the day if he will make a speech at the Conference dinner.
    • ACTION – arinex will send menu options and provide recommendations to the OC in August.
    • ACTION – OC confirmed that delegates attending the dinner will want to network so any music played is to be background music only.
  • Registration and Marketing
    • ACTION – OC confirmed that earlybird deadline has been extended to 7th August. OC advised that the press release advising this is currently with the translators and also on the wiki.
    • ACTION – Simon to update the website with extended earlybird deadline and also new company logos
    • ACTION – CS advised that Microsoft may come on board as a sponsor. SH confirmed that he will be the contact for Microsoft. CS to forward SH copies of previous discussions had with Microsoft and also contact details.
  • Program
  • Update
    • ACTION – SH advised that he and HP are currently finalising the abstract submissions.
    • ACTION – OC would like the selected abstracts to be allocated space into program before the main program is put on the website.
    • ACTION – SH to put a program at a glance on the website by 20th July.
    • ACTION – OC confirmed that once presenter confirmations are sent to authors, another press release is to be sent out advising delegates to visit the website to view the abstracts and programme at a glance.
  • Ultimo Tafe
    • ACTION - arinex to touch base with Ultimo Tafe in August as they were positive about offering the venue for the code sprint.
  • Other Business
  • Venue
    • ACTION - OC confirmed no floral arrangements are necessary in the plenary session room.
  • Sponsorship
    • ACTION – OC confirmed that the gold sponsorship package should include a complimentary 3m x 2m exhibition booth. OC also suggested offering silver sponsors a complimentary 3m x 1m booth.
    • ACTION – arinex to update the gold sponsorship package and sell accordingly.
    • ACTION – arinex to look at 2007 sponsorship selling document and confirm that the gold and silver sponsors received complimentary exhibition booths.
    • ACTION – arinex to check the budget and costings before offering silver sponsors a complimentary exhibition booth.
  • Poster Boards
    • ACTION – OC confirmed that they would like arinex to add the cost of the poster boards back into the budget.
  • Lightning Talks
    • ACTION – PR to send his lighting talk recommendations to the private list.
    • ACTION – SH to update the OC on lightening talks acceptances as invitees respond.
  • Next Meeting
    • ACTION – CS to send the OC a list of tasks that need to be done next week while he is away. CS to allocate these tasks to specific OC members to complete.
    • ACTION – CS to send SH the updated text for the front page of the website. SH to upload new text and clean up the front page.

2009/07/14 CCIP: OGC / Organising Committee


  • Kirsty O'Brien (Tour Hosts)
  • Julia Vernon (Tour Hosts)
  • Bruce Bannerman (BOM, FOSS4G)
  • Cameron Shorter (LISAsoft, FOSS4G)
  • Greg Bueler (OGC)
  • Raj Singh (OGC)
  • Brian Hamlin (OGGeo)
  • Bastian Schaffer (52North)


  • Louis Hecht (OGC, on sick leave)


  • x:15 CCIP sponsorship review (OGC/OC)
  • x:25 Budget review. Who is paying for what.
  • x:40 Request for Participation (RFP) review (OGC)
  • Potential Participant review
  • Review of CCIP proceedings and offerings
  • Next meetings


  • Price was agreed for OGC's CCIP booth + services. Cost emailed to foss4g-private list.
  • Louis on sick leave, will chase sponsors again when back
  • Server info
  • Schedule
  • SOS client + Server
  • Data - free, check license


  • Raj notes we need to keep scenario tight for the CCIP box and keep CCIP achievable, but participants can use their external services for other scenarios if they wish.
  • Bastian is interested in Sensor Observation Services, server + client. Needs hydrology data. Bruce/Bastian to discuss requirement via email to determine if suitable data can be sourced.

Next Meeting:

2009/07/01 arinex / Organising Committee

  • Agenda
    • Sponsorship and Exhibition
      • Update (arinex)
    • Registration and Marketing
      • Update on Registration (arinex)
      • Update on Marketing (OC)
      • Early Bird Registration Deadline (arinex/OC)
    • Program
      • Program Update (SH)
      • Speakers (OC)
      • Venue (arinex/OC)
    • Other Business
      • Volunteers (arinex/OC)
      • Conference Dinner (arinex/OC)
      • Delegate Satchels (arinex/OC)
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 15th July 2009, 1300 – 1400

Action Notes:

  • Sponsorship and Exhibition
    • ACTION - BB and Ben Searle (BS) to look through the potential sponsorship list again and note any companies that have not yet responded but are worth following up with. BB and BS to then arrange a meeting with arinex to discuss. This will allow a more targeted approach for sponsorship - IN PROGRESS
    • ACTION - arinex to touch base with OpenGeo from time to time as CS believes they are working on organising sponsorship internally.
    • ACTION - CS to send Paul Pettigrew a sponsorship proposal. Once discussions have moved forward, CS will introduce arinex to take over the organisation of sponsorship - IN PROGRESS
  • Registration and Marketing
    • ACTION - OC will include a reminder about the early bird registration cut off date with the author confirmations that will be sent out on the 20th July. This will provide delegates approximately 10 days to register prior to early bird cut off.
    • ACTION - SH or HP to send arinex the draft press release for the early bird deadline reminder so any additional information arinex has can be added.
    • ACTION - SH and HP confirmed that the draft press release will be ready by 8th July.
    • ACTION - arinex to explain the complimentary registration process via email and send to CS - DONE CS will distribute this information to the relevant people (active OC members, speakers and workshop presenters).
    • ACTION - Ross Johnson (RJ) to follow up and see if SSSI press release has been sent out yet.
    • ACTION - RJ to take over the organisation of the SSSI and ACS contra deal arrangements. RJ to follow up with these companies to see how the marketing part of the arrangements are going and ensure that it is followed through to completion.
    • ACTION - Simon to provide the private list with a Google Analytics report of the traffic to and around the website.
    • ACTION – SB to provide arinex with a log in so arinex can access the analytics website.
    • ACTION - OC to keep working on translated press releases to send to Asia.
  • Program
    • ACTION - SH advised that VM needs to look through the abstract voting results to make sure there were no repeat voters. Once this has been done, SH and HP will begin selecting abstracts for inclusion in the program from the correct voting results.
    • ACTION - HP and SH to confirm the process they will undertake for the selection of abstracts. OC to be advised of this process by the end of the week.
    • ACTION - OC confirmed that 6 speakers are to receive complimentary registrations.
    • ACTION - arinex to contact these speakers and speak to them about their complimentary registration. CS to send arinex the speakers email addresses so this can be done – IN PROGRESS
    • ACTION - OC confirmed not to offer sponsors any additional benefits unless they specifically ask for something. If this happens, each request will be treated on a case by case basis.
    • ACTION - SH to list his top 10 speakers for the lightning talks and send to the private list for comments.
    • ACTION - After the upcoming meeting with Ultimo TAFE, CS to advise arinex about the discussions had and the possibility of the TAFE hosting the code sprint.
    • ACTION - arinex agreed that the speaker preparation room can be added back into the budget if registrations increase significantly after the early bird cut off date.
  • Other Business
  • Volunteers
    • ACTION - arinex to view SH’s resource plan list on Google Docs.
    • ACTION - OC advised that in 2007 the OC asked people to nominate themselves as chairpersons and volunteers. OC would like to do this again in 2009 and would like to begin this process soon.
  • Conference Dinner
    • ACTION - arinex will distribute the proposed event orders and menus to OC for consideration within the coming month.
    • ACTION - CS confirmed that speakers will not be offered complimentary tickets to attend the dinner.
  • Satchels
    • ACTION - arinex to compile some different satchel options and present to the OC for comment.
    • ACTION - OC would like to offer delegates a Conference t-shirt. OC decided to wait to see if delegate numbers increase after the early bird registration cut off and then make a decision on whether or not to produce a FOSS4G t-shirt. If so, an email will be sent out to already registered delegates to advise them of this and ask their size. An additional field will also be added to the online registration form.
  • Internet at Conference
    • ACTION - arinex to contact AARNET and advise that their name will be put on the Conference website as internet sponsor
    • ACTION - arinex to send CS the costing of SCEC to connect up the internet that AARNET will be providing.
    • ACTION - arinex to update the budget and distribute to CS.
    • ACTION - CS advised that there is an upcoming OGS Meeting about the CCIP and the OC concerns. CS would like arinex to be in attendance at this meeting. CS to send through meeting details.

2009/06/30 CCIP: OGC, BOM, Organising Committee

  • Tuesday 30 June 2009


  • Louis Hecht, OGC
  • Raj Singh, OGC
  • Bruce Bannerman, FOSS4G, BOM
  • Simon Hope, FOSS4G
  • Cameron, FOSS4G, Lisasoft



  • Call for sponsors is out (see OGC press release)
  • A technical specification and call for participation coming out, soon, planned by next week.


  • Note that the CCIP is needing clear direction and project management. (Ie coordinating who is doing the work etc)
  • Techies who have been setting up the servers in Sydney need specific technical direction and coordination
  • The project needs a specific schedule with milestones so everyone knows what to expect and when


  • Noted that prior OGC commitments are complete and OGC are now assigning resources to the CCIP.

Action: OGC to present a clear schedule and project manager


  • Suggested the OGC process be more participatory (picking up on Open Source processes). Reference email thread from Adrian Custer ~ 15 May.

Action: Raj agreed. Expect to open up proposals to the list for review.


  • Discussed sponsor options and expects to have more details over the next week
  • Wants CCIP to cover:
    • Keep it Simple
    • Focus on WCS, and maybe WPS
    • Need to ensure the CCIP has good presentation material at the end
  • Action: Will forward through details about "Environmental Information for Decision Making" to Bruce (can you CC list too?)

Next CCIP meeting:


  • The OGC have committed to setting up services for all OGC reference implementations. This is very closely aligned to the CCIP, and resources should be able to be shared. Greg is coordinating.

2009/05/20 Tour Hosts / Organising Committee

  • Agenda:
    • Sponsorship and Exhibition update - Total money pledged 28K (TH)
      • Autodesk – Gold Sponsor – 15K
      • Mapgears, Geocat, Lat Lon – Bronze Sponsors – 1K each
      • LISAsoft – Charging Station Sponsor - 4K
      • Google Exhibition space – 3.5K
      • Numaps Exhibition space - 2.5K
    • Opportunities for sponsorship from Government: (CS) See participants from: . Need to write invitations to each of these agencies.
    • Registrations (TH)
    • Program Update (SH)
      • Session Chairpersons (OC)
    • Website (TH/OC)
      • Workshops/program/speakers
    • Other Business (TH)
      • Discounted Registration and Marketing – SSI/ACS
      • AV Requirements
      • Security Requirements
      • Signage
      • Photography
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 17th June 2009, 1300 – 1400


  • Sponsorship and Exhibition
    • ACTION: TH follow up letter to Arnold Wong, ASIBA and Landgate.
    • ACTION: TH to put together offer to say that FOSS4G would like endorsement from GITA and would like GITA to send information about the conference to their mailing list, and in return we will promote GITA on our website and offer them a logo in the program book.
    • ACTION: CS to provide contact details for appropriate person in these organisations: NSW Department of Lands, City of Sydney Metro, AGL, Telstra, Railcorp, Sydney Water, RTA, Department of Primary Industries, Department of Commerce, Optus
    • ACTION: TH create invitation template and forward to private list. Members of private list to insert specific industry information to tailor the letters to above organisations. Deadline of Wednesday 27th May.
    • ACTION: Simon to follow up with OGC as to who is committed to the CCIP and arrange to have these logos placed on website.
    • ACTION: Simon/Shoaib to follow up on placing Auto Desk’s logo on the website as a Gold Sponsor.
    • ACTION: CS to speak to Ross Johnson to take on responsibility of SSI contra deal regarding discounted registration and drafting press release. Andrew Bashfield to provide contact details of who to liaise with at SSI.
    • ACTION: BB to distribute discounted registration link to ACS members.
  • Program
    • ACTION: CS, SH and HP to review press release about reminder for paper submission deadline. Press release to be sent 25th May. CS to include paragraph on session chairs.
    • ACTION: TH to note on the wiki press release schedule the major milestones that should require a press release.
    • ACTION: SH/HP to put together a program at a glance to place on the website with as much information as possible including workshops/tutorials/session topics.
  • Website
    • ACTION: ML to send through the bios and photos of the workshop presenters to Shoaib for the website
    • ACTION: Shoaib to fix link on bottom of tutorial page
    • ACTION: Shoaib to create an ‘Latest News’ section on top of home page and link that Keynote Speakers are now confirmed
  • AV Requirements
    • ACTION: OC confirmed AV requirements for session rooms are standard. Q&A mics required in plenary room only.
    • ACTION: OC would like to record all sessions. TH to liaise with SCEC about whether recording equipment can be brought into the Convention centre and the charges involved. CS to send details of Andrew Ross.

2009/04/25 OSGeo Board Approves Budget

0600 Sydney time.


  • Cameron Shorter
  • OSGeo Board ...

The OSGeo Board approved the Conference conference budget, version 10.

The board also approved that the FOSS4G 2009 conference chair can approve items from the budget on behalf of OSGeo.

2009/04/16 Tour Hosts / Organising Committee

  • Agenda:
    • Budget
      • Budget Discussion (OC/TH)
    • Program
      • Program Update (SH)
    • Name Badges
      • Name Badge Mock Ups (OC/TH)
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 20th May 2009, 1300 – 1400


  • Cameron
  • Tyler
  • Shoaib
  • Kirsty, TH
  • Julia, TH
  • Daniel, TH
  • Bruce Bannerman
  • Andrew Bashfield
  • Harley


  • Budget:
    • Organising committee agreed to increase price of conference by $100 per delegate.
    • Organising committee also agreed to increase price of conference by a further 5%. We will then offer a 5% discount to members of specific organisations in return for their promotion of the event. In particular, we will provide this discount to Spatial Science Institution (SSI) and Australian Computer Society (ACS).
    • Action: TH to update budget by COB Fri 17 April.
    • Action: Andrew to follow up with SSI re endorsement, and getting education credits assigned to the conference
    • Action: Bruce to follow up with ACS
    • Action: Tyler to endevour to get OSGeo board to sign off on budget ASAP, as we can't open the conference for registration until this is cleared up.
    • Action: TH to add another sign up page for organistions receiving a discount.

  • Program
    • Andrew Bashfield has secured Warrick Watkins, head of ANZLIC and NSW Dept Lands, as a speaker.
    • Action: Andrew to liaise with Simon re adjusting the program
  • Promotion:
  • Website
    • Action: Harley and Shoaib to update website content to be more business focused and less techie focused. In particular, the front page and sponsorship page.
    • Action: Shoaib to chase workshop and tutorial presenters for a bio for the website, and update website
  • Press releases
    • Call for registration to go out ideally on 27 April, assuming budget is finalised. The press release should include a reminder about submitting papers, asking potential presenters to enter their details so we can send them reminders.
    • Action: Harley to draft press release. (Should be able to mostly cut and paste from previous releases). Note, the press release should be completed one week early, to give time for translation.

2009/03/25 Marketing into Asia/Pacific

Agenda: Our aim today is:

  • To engage organisations currently marketing into Asia/Pacific to advise and help with FOSS4G marketing FOSS4G.
  • open lines of communication
  • identify ideas from the group - to be followed up via email
00 Introductions, including listing your contacts and ideas for connecting into Asia
10 Open for questions and discussion
40 Meeting close



  • Arnold Wong, Director of Landgate International, selling Landgate's SDI into Asia and Middle East.
  • Venka Raghavan, prominent, well respected and well connectd OSGeo evangelist in Asia, based in Japan, with strong links in particular in China, Vietnam, Thailand, ...
  • Mike Ridout, Coorporative Research Center for Spatial Information (CRCSI). The CRCSI has been building relationships in Asia, notably in China.
  • Geoff Zeiss, Autodesk evangelist. Regular presenter, networker and blogger at International Geospatial conferences. Has strong connections into Indonesia.
  • Harley Prowse, Director of GeoBiz in New Zealand, connected in New Zealand, and on the FOSS4G Organising Committee
  • Andrew Bashfield, has years of Geospatial Experience and contacts in Australia.
  • Julia Vernon, Tour Hosts, our conference organisor
  • Melbourne University School of Geomatics, working with Global SDI and Asia Pacific SDI, including email lists for these communities:
    • Abbas Rajabifard, (sends his apologies)
  • OGC: Leading the "Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest" at FOSS4G and networking at an international level.
    • Greg Buehler
  • OSGeo
    • Jeff McKenna (OSGeo conference committee chair)
    • Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo head)


  • Venka asks "FOSS4G local committees want to know what they should be doing to get involved".
  • Arnold notes that feedback he has received is that FOSS4G is perceived to be a techie conference and doesn't target the Business decision makers.
    • Cameron noted that our aim is to target both the techies, and management, by providing business drivers for Open Source.
    • Action: We need to adjust our marketing to highlight our focus on business drivers.
  • Suggestion that we invite government ministers, both Australian and from our region to present.
  • Geoff notes that Indonesia and Malaysia have made OSGeo a government initiative.
  • Discussion will continue on

2009/03/18 Tour Hosts / Organising Committee

  • Attendees, skypeid:
    • Cameron Shorter, cameronshorter
    • Simon Hope, sihope
    • Volker Mische, volkermische
    • Mark Leslie, mark.s.leslie
    • Andrew Bashfield
    • Bruce Bannermann (temporarily)
    • Stephen Lead
    • Tour Hosts
  • Agenda:
    • Sponsorship and Exhibition
      • Update (TH)
    • Program - Current Program:
      • Workshop & tutorial submissions update (ML)
      • Number of abstract submissions received so far (SH)
      • Poster Submissions (SH) - online submission?
      • Logistics Schedule (SH)
      • Ignite Spatial (OC)
    • Speakers
      • Speakers from Asia (JM)
      • Invited Speakers (TH/OC)
    • Marketing
      • Postcards (TH/OC)
      • Expressions of Interest (TH)
      • Satchel Insert (HP)
    • Other Business
      • Venue (TH)
      • Code Sprint Venue (TH)
      • Name Badge Requirements (TH/OC)
      • Delegate List (TH/OC)
    • Next Meeting
      • Wednesday 15th April 2009, 1300 – 1400

2009/03/18 Action Notes from OC Meeting with Tour Hosts

1. Sponsorship and Exhibition

ACTION – TH to follow up with GEO Cat in regards to the sponsorship of pens.

ACTION – CS to contact BB, Andrew Bashfield (AB) and Geoff Zeiss and ask them to become more involved with sourcing sponsorship. – In Progress

ACTION - TH to send the updated leads list to AB. AB to add any specific contact details he has so TH can contact directly.

ACTION – CS to set up teleconference with Andrew Wong to discuss Landgate involvement.

2. Marketing

ACTION – AB, PR and GZ to discuss FOSS4G promotional ideas for the GEOtech Conference in Vancouver, Canada in June 2009.

ACTION – ML to contact those presenters from the Netherlands who entered workshop submissions and ask if they will be attending the upcoming GSDI 11 World Conference in the Netherlands in June 2009. If so, ML to discuss ways in which they can help market the FOSS4G Conference while they are in attendance.

ACTION – SH to send TH contact details for Joe Cook (JC) in the UK. TH to investigate if JC will be attending the Open Source GIS Conference taking place in the UK and if so, would he have the ability to take some postcards along to hand out to delegates.

ACTION – BB to follow up with the contacts that he knows to ensure they received the prospectus and advise that if they have any questions to contact TH.

ACTION – OC to look at the current leads list and advise which OC members can contact specific people on the list to follow up personally.

ACTION – BB, AB and GZ to confirm contact details for the listed international companies/contacts.

ACTION – TH to organise a teleconference with BB and AB to discuss the leads list and contact details.

ACTION – TH to follow up with BB regarding the OGC proposal and division of CCIP monies.

ACTION - TH to send the email addresses of those people who have expressed their interest through the Conference website to the FOSS4G private list.

ACTION – TH to contact HP offline to discuss the cost of a satchel insert at the upcoming not-for-profit Conference in New Zealand

3. Programme

ACTION – OC confirmed that they have received enough workshop and tutorial submissions to fill the allocated spaces in the programme.

ACTION – TM to write up a complete list of all workshop and tutorial submissions and send to the OC for approval. Once these submissions are approved, ML will allocate each of them space in the programme. ML advised that they will still be advising presenters of their acceptance on 30th March 2009. – Done

ACTION - SH confirmed that he will accept up to 32 poster submissions to ensure they will fit in the Parkside Ground Foyer area. SH also confirmed that there will be one poster per board and each poster will be A0 size.

ACTION – VM to process poster submissions and when the time comes, advise presenters of the poster dimensions in the acceptance letters.

ACTION – SH to add another page to the existing programme on the wiki that will be the logistics schedule detailing areas that still need to be actioned, ie: where volunteers are needed, who will arrange them.

ACTION – OC confirmed that Ignite Spatial (public event) will take place on the evening of Wednesday 21st October at SCEC. Guests to arrive and mingle from 1730 with the event starting at 1830 and concluding at 2000. TH to speak to Stephen Lead (SL) offline about details and requirements.

ACTION – SL offered to do some cross promotion with his Ignite spatial mailing list. SL to advise that this year Ignite Spatial is affiliated with FOSS4G 2009 in an effort to prompt his contacts to attend the Conference.

ACTION – OC to discuss offline who should organise the sponsorship for Ignite Spatial and which companies should be approached for this sponsorship.

4. Speakers

ACTION – CS to contact PR and ask him to use his contacts to follow up with the Asian communities.

ACTION – CS to confirm the marketing group who is to target Asia – Done

5. Other Business

ACTION – CS to follow up with his contacts at TAFE NSW and explain what the rooms are needed for and whether there is the possibility of using their internet.

ACTION – TH to forward the different venue prices to CS for comparison.

ACTION – TH to keep the room at SCEC on hold for Saturday and advise CS of the room hire fee.

ACTION – SH to send to TH a copy of the 2007 name badge template.

ACTION – TH to mock up a name badge and send to OC for approval.

2009/02/18 Tour Hosts / Organising Committee

  • Attendees (skypeid)
    • Cameron Shorter (cameronshorter)
    • Simon Hope (dial in only)
    • Tyler Mitchell (spatialguru) likely only available for 30-45 minutes
    • Harley Prowse (dial in ideally)
    • Jeff McKenna (jeff_mckenna) available for 1 hour
    • Tour Hosts (tour.hosts)
    • Mark Leslie (mark.s.leslie)
    • Bruce Bannerman (no skype access, STD call) available for 45 minutes only.
  • Agenda:
    • Sponsorship and Exhibition
      • Update (TH)
    • Program (SH) Current Program, Camerons Suggestions
      • Call for Workshops (SH) - communicate the deadline!
      • Call for Abstract Preparation (SH) - open 9th March
      • Workshop\Abstract Review - decision required
      • Outstanding Program Items - SH to complete amendments from CS
      • Schedule Publication on website - looking for assistance on this
      • Speakers - Spare slot needs filling & blurb for website
      • Welcome Reception (TH)
    • Marketing
      • eBlast (CS/TH). Volunteer needed: Need to build community leaders list as per 2007 and contact GIS calendars and related activities, asking to add FOSS4G links.
      • Marketing into Asia strategy (CS). Volunteer needed here.
      • Postcards (TH)
      • Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia update (CS)
    • Other Business
      • Online Registration Form (TH)
      • Interpreting (TH)
    • Next meeting: Wednesday 18th March 2009, 1300 - 1400

2009/02/18 Action Notes from OC Meeting with Tour Hosts

1. Sponsorship and Exhibition

ACTION – TM to locate the 2007 sponsor contact details list and send to TH.

ACTION – TH to contact Greg Buehler/Raj Singh from OGC directly to access potential sponsors contact list.

ACTION – BB recently added new potential contacts to the online list. TH to send the sponsorship prospectus then BB to follow up with these contacts to make sure they have received the prospectus and to provide any further information.

2. Programme

ACTION – OC to canvas the OSGeo discussion list to gather interest in Workshops as proposal submissions are low.

ACTION – SH to put together the abstract submission information/guidelines and create a standard abstract submission form for the website.

ACTION – All OC members are to subscribe to OCS and become a member (SH to provide instructions on becoming a member via email). Once everyone is a member, SH will set everyone up as reviewers. OCS software to be used for review of abstracts.

ACTION – SH to update the programme on google docs to include Cameron’s suggested programme changes.

ACTION – OSGeo to organise/manage Conference Close session including handing out any awards and announcing of the next Conference. OC confirmed that the Conference Close should be kept as 30mins in the programme.

3. Installfest

ACTION – TH to discuss with suppliers the option of using volunteers to pack down workshop computers within a 30 minute time frame. TH notes that if the supplier does not want volunteers packing down the computers there may be higher labour costs incurred as the supplier will bring in more staff to pack down within the 30 minutes.

- OC confirmed approximately 100 pax will attend the Installfest and they will require wireless or wired internet, power, tables and chairs.

4. Speakers

ACTION – Keynote speakers to have a half hour time slot in the programme. SH to adjust timings.

ACTION – BB to investigate how well Ilberto Kamaro from Brazil speaks English and advise if he would be a suitable keynote speaker.

ACTION – HP and BB to research David Hocking from ASIBA and confirm whether or not he would be a suitable speaker.

ACTION – JM to suggest and research appropriate speakers from Asia.

5. Other Business

ACTION – TH To draft a brief outline of the welcome reception for the website.

ACTION – TH to discuss with SCEC how long the session rooms can be used for each day as there is the possibility that the BOF sessions will run overtime. Additionally the delegates may want access to the wireless internet after hours.

ACTION – TH to extend the room booking on the last Conference day to 6pm for the AGM.

- JM confirmed that interpreting will not be required at this conference.

ACTION – TH to add the following to the registration form:

  • Delegates longitude and latitude information that can then be plotted on google maps.
  • Questions that ask for the profile of delegates/position in organisation/purchasing power.

6. Marketing

ACTION – HP to collate list of community leaders and their email addresses. TM to mentor HP on how to research this based on 2007 existing list.

ACTION – TH to advise OC of the current number of expressions of interest received so far.

ACTION – TM to set up an OSGeo email subscription list for future announcements.

ACTION – HP to investigate cost of a single page satchel insert at the upcoming not for profit Conference in New Zealand. TH/CS to then review if budget is available.

ACTION – BB to follow up with the SSI via different channels for a contra deal. CS notes that from his attempts they are still looking for a 5% registration discount for SSI members.

2009/01/21 Tour Hosts / Organising Committee

  • Agenda:
    • Sponsorship and Exhibition
      • Update (TH)
    • Program
      • Call for Workshops and Abstracts (OC/TH)
      • Program at a Glance (OC)
      • Code Sprint (CO/TH)
    • Marketing
      • Mailing Lists (TH/OC)
    • Other Business
      • Tour Proposal (TH)
      • Conference Dinner Proposal (TH)
      • Accommodation (TH)
      • Spatial Science Institute
    • Vote to accept our [Profit Sharing Policy].
    • Review [actions] (Tour Hosts)
    • Review schedule (Tour Hosts)
    • Functions and Tours report (Tour Hosts)
    • Engaging SSI (Dennis Puniard, Cameron)
      • Dennis, SSI, expects to be able to draw ~ 100 delegates. SSI represent our target market.
      • SSI are holding a conference in Adelaide before ours. Advertising opportunity.
      • SSI interested to know how FOSS4G can be of benefit to SSI. Eg: 5% discount to SSI members.
    • Marketing (Kirsty, Tour Hosts)
      • Marketing into Asia/Pacific
    • Review Workshops (Mark)
    • Review CCIP (Graham de Hoedt, Cameron)
      • Press release pending
      • Need to source data
    • Keynote Speakers (Cameron)
    • Review Website (Simon)
    • Next meeting: Wednesday 18th February 2009, 1300 - 1400

Meeting Notes

  • Sponsorship Propectus will be released 28 Jan
    • Looking for leads local leads
    • Tour Hosts wants the database so that they can track who has opened the emails etc.
    • Suggest that we contact ASIBA, SSI and GITA
  • Call for workshops looking good (Mark)
  • OC should be putting themes into the program
  • Code Sprint: Confirmed as 2 days.
  • Marketing email:
    • Suggest sending email to project leaders who forward onto contacts
  • Press Release
    • Should be plain text, linked back to the website
  • Conference dinner:
    • Optional function
    • (OC preferred option) Captain Cook Harbour Cruise $135/person, 3 course dinner + drinks. Can take up to 300 guests.
    • Darling Harbour $135 - $165/person.
    • ACTION: Cameron to call SSI and offer booth space in return for an OSGeo booth at SSI conference.
    • Discussed keynote speakers. Looking like:
      • Scott Power, BOM, compelling speaker to demystify Climate Change
      • Raj Singh, OGC, to introduce CCIP
      • A Google Maps speaker
      • We are still looking for a drawcard speaker, probably non-spatial, likely from Open Source community. (Mark Shuttleworth head of Ubuntu can't make it).
    • ACTION: Cameron to start up "Marketing into Asia" thread.

2009/01/21 Action Notes from OC Meeting with Tour Hosts

1. Sponsorship and Exhibition

ACTION - OC to send TH all mailing lists so the Sponsorship Selling Document can be distributed to these contacts.

ACTION - CS to send the OC an email advising what was discussed in the meeting with Google.

2. Program – Code Sprint

ACTION – TH to present venue options to OC for 2 day code sprint (80 -100 pax). OC notes no registration fee and open to anyone (ie: not just conference attendees).

3. Marketing

ACTION - TH to draft a plain text email advertising the Conference, call for workshops and sponsorship opportunities. Links to the Conference website are to be included in this email. OC to then distribute to community leaders for re distribution to potential delegates.

ACTION - All press releases are to be stored in the wiki and sent through to community leaders for distribution.

ACTION - Simon to draft a call for workshops announcement.

ACTION - CS to invite all key players to form a marketing group and work out a strategy on how to target Asia.

4. Other Business


ACTION - OC confirmed that the TH suggested tours are appropriate and these should be added to website. TH to provide Simon with information. OC notes that tours are not to take delegates away from the workshops or code sprint.

Conference Dinner

ACTION - TH to confirm the dinner harbour cruise with the proposed three course dinner and 3 hour beverage package at $135.00 per person for a minimum of 150 guests.


ACTION - TH to confirm what the maximum capacity is for YHA Railway Square.

Spatial Science Institute

ACTION - CS to advise Dennis that a discount cannot be offered to SSI members, however, the OC is interested in swapping booth space on a contra deal arrangement. CS to confirm this arrangement as soon as possible so a booth can be allocated to SSI before they are all sold.

ACTION – At the upcoming Conference in February, Harley is to speak to ASIBA about swapping mailing lists and website links.

2009/01/15 Climate Change Integration Plugfest


  • Graham de Hoedt, BOM
  • Cameron Shorter, FOSS4G Organising Committee
  • Greg Buehler, OGC
  • Raj Singh, OGC


  • Funding will be coordinated by OGC and disassociated from FOSS4G. (This should encourage proprietary vendors to take part). Funds can be moved from CCIP to FOSS4G by hiring conference space.
  • Funding will be coordinated via cost sharing model (as per OGC testbeds) as this will encourage small vendors to participate. Cost sharing will not influence big vendors decision to participate.
  • Scenario needs to be simple in order to encourage maximum participation. 'Focus on WMS/WFS.


  • BOM: look into becoming OGC member
  • BOM: commit funding to CCIP. Done.
  • BOM: write 1 page sponsorship proposal
  • BOM: write up scenario based upon OWS4. Support from OGC
  • OGC: Propose funding and sponsorship model.
  • OGC: Set up a working committee for CCIP and private twiki pages
  • OGC: Engage future conferences to continue CCIP. Eg: GSDI 11. GEOS Summit 2010. Aim to get a participant from these conferences engaged in CCIP to facilitate migrating CCIP to these conferences.
  • 2009-01-19 OGC: Announce CCIP to OGC Planning Committee
  • 2009-01-21 OGC/FOSS4G: OGC/FOSS4G Press Release for CCIP
  • 2009-01-?? CCIP sponsors added to FOSS4G prospectus.
  • 2009-01-28 Tour Hosts: FOSS4G prospectus released

2008/12/12 Action Notes from OC Meeting with Tour Hosts

1. Sponsorship and Exhibition

ACTION - OC to update the sponsorship leads list with sponsor contact details (names and email addresses) by close of business Wednesday 17 December 2008.

ACTION - TH to then send out an eblast informing these companies about the launch of the sponsorship prospectus.

2. Program Timeline

ACTION - SH to speak with CS’s contact and discuss the website and submission forms. There is to be one form for Call for Workshops and one form for Call for Abstracts. ONGOING AS OF 21-01-09

ACTION - SH to email delegates informing them of the submission forms opening dates.

ACTION - TH to change the abstract deadline to the beginning of June in the program timeline - DONE

ACTION - TH to send SH excel versions of the program timeline and project plan - DONE

ACTION - SH to upload these documents onto Google docs (on a private page) and create the relevant links to the wiki. - DONE

3. Social Program

Welcome Reception

ACTION - ML to do a site inspection at the Shelbourne Hotel.

ACTION - ML to advise JD of a suitable day so she can confirm time with the event co-ordinator.

ACTION - TH to put the level that can accommodate 200 guests on hold

Conference Dinner

ACTION - TH to get quotes for the following:

• A boat that takes delegates from SCEC, under the Harbour Bridge and on to Luna Park for Dinner

• A dinner cruise

• Restaurant in Cockle Bay

4. Tours

ACTION - TH to put together a tour proposal and present to OC at next meeting

5. Marketing

ACTION - TH to contact Position Magazine to get written confirmation. TH to compare entitlements in monetary value to show comparison

ACTION - OC to continually add new upcoming conferences to the Google calendar as they find out about them. - ONGOING

ACTION - OC to use the Blogosphere more often.

ACTION - OC to send TH a list of conferences that OSGeo will exhibit at to ensure that FOSS4G postcards are there.

ACTION - TH to send Tim Bowden postcards for distribution at a Conference he is attending in January in China.

ACTION - TH to send each OC member (except Simon) 50 postcards to distribute to any Conferences they attend

ACTION - TH to create a Google doc in which the OC can enter their mailing addresses

ACTION - TH to make up a PowerPoint slide for Mark to include at the end of the presentation he is giving at a Conference in February. Mark to distribute postcards at this Conference.

6. Program/Venue

ACTION - TH to confirm G07 with SCEC - DONE

ACTION - CS to sign venue matrix so TH can contract rooms - DONE

ACTION - SH to review the program and find a suitable time for the Installfest to take place. DONE

7. Next Meeting Wednesday 21st January 2009, 1300 - 1400

2008/12/12 Cameron + Tour Hosts


  • Cameron Shorter
  • Daniel Branik
  • Julia Vernon
  • Denisa Admova

Key notes:

  • Tour Hosts agreed to exclude TH staff accommodation costs from the budget. Of note, hotels often give free rooms if there are sufficient people booking through them. It was agreed that Tour Hosts could make use of these free rooms, unless it has already been promised to FOSS4G in the proposal or contract. Action: Tour Hosts to check.
  • Tour Hosts intend to use in house resources to support Workshop setup. Cameron noted that FOSS4G need to verify that Tour Hosts are not over-charging. Action: Tour Hosts to provide cost estimates and break down of costs which OSGeo can compare to alternate suppliers. OSGeo will have the option to use alternate supplies TH prove to be too expensive.
  • Budget is being updated and should be put out today. Hopefully this one will be final sign off.
  • Agreed to use Google Docs for review of key documents like budget. Comments from the OC can be set to strikeout font by TH once actions are addressed.

2008/12/03 Organising Committee

Outstanding actions: ACTION: Cameron to arrange with TH re to-do list/communication

ACTION: Budget

  • Waiting on TH to accept budget review comments.

ACTION: TH: Does TH require more feedback from the OC?

ACTION - Cameron to follow up with TH re sponsorship.

  • Kirsty from TH is incorporating changes, will get Cameron to review Showcase sponsorship section.
  • Kirsty will circulate a sponsor/lead list for OC to fill in.

ACTION - simon to send preliminary program info to the list for discussion

  • Simon: I have a meeting arranged with TH (today) at 12pm to discuss the program in more detail. I will report to the OC after this meeting.

ACTION: Make decision on workshop venue by vote.

  • TH has done this and have all OC expressed preference? - Are we in position for the OC to take a decision on this - if not then what outstanding information is required - this seems a priority for tomorrow's meeting?

2008/11/19 Organising Committee, plus Tour Hosts

  • time: 1:00 PM Sydney time
  • location: meeting was done via Skype teleconference
  • Minutes: are available on this page's discussion page
  • Agenda:
    1. decide who will record Minutes of this meeting
    2. select chair for the meeting
    3. confirm date/time for next meeting(s):
      • OC meetings
      • meetings between OC and TH
    4. items for discussion:
      1. Timetable and To-Do list
      2. Budget: status, next steps, timetable
      3. Venues:
        1. SCEC: tour results, exhibition booth space
        2. Workshops venue: status
        3. Other venues: Code Sprint, Social
      4. Program:
        1. what items have to be confirmed, and by when, to 'move forward'(e.g. with Sponsorship Prospectus)
        2. Workshops/Labs
        3. Conference Program:
        4. Social event(s)
        5. Code Sprint
        6. Technical Visits/Tours
        7. Outreach Activities

2008/11/12 Geospatial Integration Showcase

2008/09/10 (Program And Venue)

2008/08/29 (Venue/Date selection )

  1. Venue and Conference Dates
    1. TH to table venue comparison – OC/TH to discuss
    2. Meeting dates to be confirmed - based on venue selection:
      • UNSW: 17 – 21 November
      • SCEC: 23 – 27 November
  2. Sponsorship and Exhibition
    1. Sponsorship hierarchy – OC to confirm
  3. Website
    1. TH/OC to discuss
  4. FOSS4G 2008 promotion
    1. TH/OC to discuss
  5. Budget
    1. TH to table budget to OC chair and Treasurer
  6. Next Meeting
    1. Discuss dates

2008/07/30 (Integrating free & proprietary conferencing software)

2008/07/02 (Sponsorship and Exhibition Meeting)

2008/06/06 (Tour Hosts / OSGeo Contract review)

2008/05/30 (Kickoff meeting between Tour Hosts and Conference Organisors)