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I removed the requirement for English as I don't see why it should be limited to one language. It would be really interesting to have a button or tag that allows you to specify your language of choice, but default to all. This will help outreach and support the local chapters. Otherwise, we may find that we have to support multiple instances of planet and that could be an unnecessary pain. -- Tyler 25Feb08

Head images

This tutorial tells us who to make an 'head':

but how do we add this head to the Planet OSGeo feed? Thanks! -- Aleroux 14:13, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

Blog acceptance and ban guidelines

We receive more and more requests to add blogs on the planet. At this time the ultimate decision to add a blog to the planet is by the Admins and the general guideline to accept them is just they have some relation with FOSS4G or OSGeo (see Planet Citizens section at PlanetOSGeo). Maybe a more explicit guidelines should be stablished to ask the bloggers for an RSS of all their posts or only of a category or tag).

There aren't also at this time any rule to ban a blog at any circumstance, as we have had more or less good citizens but maybe we should also stablish some minimum "triggers" that could fire the temporal or permanent ban of a blogger maybe by inadequate content or maybe because his rss is breaking the layout (even more that it is right now).

For sure other planets have some code of conduct that could help.


Jorge Sanz 09:37, 11 January 2012 (PST)