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Why this document exists

This is an attempt to write a role-centered description of how the different software components that projects are using, described in Project Infrastructure Migration fit together. Single sign-on to a lot of different services could be offered.

There are really two components of this, because OSGeo the Foundation needs one set of tools to communicate between and about itself; there is also an intention to provide hosted services that OSGeo projects and participants need but can't provide themselves, wanting the benefit of a stable home.



  • Can be a member of one or more committees or projects
  • Has group-based access to subversion
  • May have system access, ssh etc
  • Sends messages
  • Can be subscribed to mailing lists associated with projects
  • Has a location


  • Has members
  • Has mailing list facilities
  • Has home pages
  • Has its own subdomain of
  • Has meetings
  • Has news/talk items to publish
  • Has a public bug tracker
  • Has document archiving facilities
  • Has a collaboration space


* Has all the properties of a project

Local Chapter

* Has all the properties of a project



  • Has a timestamp
  • Has a lot of different recipients
  • Is connected to a project
  • Could have keywords


  • Has participants
  • Has logs, perhaps has minutes or a summary
  • Has a time and medium/place


  • Task or bug
  • Submitted at a time, by a person
  • Actionable by a person

Data Set

  • Members may want to upload and create metadata about data sets as part of a project.
  • Data sets may have spatial metadata and be indexed and searched for that way

Special Features

  • Some kind of voting facility - secure for board elections - more automated for processes like logo/motto selection
  • Survey facility


ASF Projects site

The Apache Software Foundation has a project directory at built by collecting models from DOAP, 'Description of a Project' files that each project contributes.