Twentieth VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

The meeting was held on June 20th, 2007, at 16:00 UTC [[1]]] (8am PST)

The meeting took place on IRC at #osgeo. See the log files | here for minutes of meeting.

Standing Agenda

  1. Assign scribe
    1. Tyler chaired and scribed the meeting
  2. Roll call
  3. review of previous meeting's minutes and tasks (Nineteenth_VisCom_Meeting)
  4. New Business (below)
  5. Review action items
  6. Set next meeting date
  7. Adjourn

New Items

  • Recent event updates (all)
  • Material for promotion at OSCON, ideas brainstorm
  • Other upcoming events
  • AutoDesk request: Mapguide download summary stats from Feb. onwards (something similar to this; the issue is older logs are not present on server)
  • FOSS4G booth planning

Action Items

  • Aaron/Nathalie - working on OSCON continues
  • Tyler to set up permissions so VisCom can add event items to
  • Josh is wrapping up some download stats app/summary
  • ALL: provide input into FOSS4G2007 OSGeo Booth
  • Tyler to post revised brochures
  • Next Meeting: July 11th, 2007