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Name: Aditya Vitthalrao Chondke


GSoC 2019 Project: Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application

Contact: +91-7020710594

Github Repository link: Repo

OSGeo Experience and Roles:

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Martin Davis

Martin Davis

Software Developer, OpenGeo

Location: Victoria, Canada

Martin Davis has been an open source geospatial developer for over 10 years, primarily in Java. He has a particular interest in geometric algorithms, and is the maintainer of the widely-used JTS Topology Suite as well as assisting with the GEOS port. His other interest is in making spatial processing more accessible. He is is the designer or lead developer for the JUMP, JCS Conflation Suite, Proj4J and JEQL software projects.

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Email: mtnclimb AT gmail DOT com
Skype: mdavis111
Profile last updated
21 Sept 2012