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Peter Batty

Peter Batty

Co-founder and CTO of Geospatial Division, Ubisense

Location: Denver, CO, United States (originally from the United Kingdom)

Peter has worked in the geospatial industry for 25 years and has served as CTO for two of the world's top 200 software companies, Intergraph and Smallworld (now part of GE Energy). In recent years he has worked extensively with open source systems and new generation web mapping applications such as Google Maps. More details at LinkedIn.

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  • Chaired the FOSS4G conference in Denver in 2011. It was the largest FOSS4G to date with over 900 attendees from 42 countries
  • Has spoken at many conferences around the world on trends in the geospatial industry, including open source geospatial
  • Served on the OSGeo board from 2011 to 2013
  • Has developed applications using a variety of OSGeo software, including PostGIS, MapFish and OpenLayers
  • Is a member of the OSGeo Conference Committee
  • Was the OSGeo Board Liaison for the FOSS4G 2013 conference in Nottingham, UK
  • Writes a Blog
Other interests
Email: peter AT ebatty DOT com
Skype: pmbatty
twitter @pmbatty
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1 February 2015

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