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Even Rouault

I'm a software developer, living in France. Since 2006 I have been contributing to various software packages promoted by OSGeo, or closely related to it :

My main contributions are directed to GDAL/OGR, whose I have been a PSC member since 2007. My domains of interest include :

  • development and enhancement of raster and vector format drivers : GeoTIFF, GML, JPEG2000, WFS, Geospatial PDF, SpatiaLite, GPX, GeoRSS, ...
  • new features,
  • performance optimizations,
  • maintenance of Java bindings,
  • software quality improvements, especially increasing test coverage of its Python test suite
  • looking after bug tracker and helping in trying to keep a reasonable open/closed ticket rate ;-) ,
  • mailing list assistance,
  • bringing in and mentoring new contributors.

I am occasionaly participating to threads on GeoRezo and Forum SIG francophone communities.

I am a OSGeo Charter Member since 2011.

In 2014, I have founded Spatialys, a company dedicated to providing to its clients the best of its expertise around Open Source geospatial software and standards, and with particularly strong focus on GDAL and MapServer technologies.

Previously, I have worked for Sagem Défense Sécurité (SAFRAN Group), where I have been working on software products building around GDAL and MapServer for their geospatial capabilities.


  • email : even dot rouault at mines-paris dot org
  • IRC : EvenR (#gdal on irc.freenode.net)

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