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This is the requested Promotion and Visibility Committee Budget for March 2007 - February 2008, to be presented to the Board for discussion and approval. Development of an overarching budget was requested by the Board in 2006 so that events were not handled on a one-by-one basis.

In early 2007 a brainstorming exercise was undertaken by this committee to determine the size, cost, quantity and focus on committee efforts and funds. The final amount was compared to the Budget 2006-2007 and because it was in between the min/max outlined there, the committee was comfortable coming forward to request access to funds.

Areas of Focus

Much of the committee's work is centred around events and material that is primarily used at events. Therefore an estimated number of certain sized events was targetted and assigned an estimated cost. While this is targeting events, the committee agreed that this budget would be enough to adequately cover all related costs for the committee's work in general, therefore removing the need to make future requests for funds in 2007. You can read more about the shows, events, discussion notes and cost considerations on the page Event Plan 2007. Preparation for events will include costs for developing the initial booths and signage, as well as for the other items mentioned under Promotion in the Budget 2006-2007.


The request budget is $85,000 (or approx $21,200 per quarter) and would cover:

  • Development of re-usable booths and signage
  • Expo charges at event venues for access to equipment/services
  • Sending booth volunteers as required
  • Purchasing and distributing shirts, brochures and other collateral to volunteers and visitors
  • Purchasing of booth space as required (though most major events will have donated space)

Considering donated booth space at some events and primarily local volunteers, it is estimated that the foundation projects could be represented at many events throughout the year. Including support for participation at smaller local events that are yet to be known but are often last minute requests.

  • ~5 Major events - including significant booth space presence and costs with primary OSGeo organisation being needed
  • ~10 Regular events - that involve OSGeo speakers, workshops, but no major booth presence
  • ~10 Local events - local or regional groups of members who need some assistance to have a booth or cover minor costs

The above is designed to provide flexibility but with enough stability to allow planning over the medium term.

Minimal Budget

  • Original $85,000 for 4 quarters
  • Following is adjusted for only 3 quarters
  • Reduced funds required for 2 major events due to sponsorship (minus 2x$10k)
  • Reducing presence at major events bring costs to $5k each, plus room for travel for person
  • Major Events = $16,000
  • Regular Events = $11,000
  • Local Events = $15,000

Total minimal: $42,000 primarily targeting events Total per remaining 3 quarters of 2007: $14,000

Major Events

Costs for registrations, booth prep, travel for volunteers where needed:

  • OSCON: 7,000
  • InterGeo: 2,000
  • FOSS4G: 7,000

Regular Events Support

  • Extra graphics, design, booth prep: $5,000
  • Travel for 3 people to events: 3 x $2,000 = $6,000

Local Events

  • Printing, graphics, misc.: $5,000
  • Participant travel: 5 x $2,000 = 10,000