WebCom Meeting 20060517

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Web Site Committee Meeting 2006-May-17 Agenda

Meeting Info

Chair:  Daniel
Minutes:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo
Date:  2006-May-17 (in North America)
Time: Wednesday May 17, 18:00 UTC

Agenda Items

Old Business

What is outstanding?

Web Site Items

  • Translations - status?
  • News - status?


  • Dave Patton wants changes made to OSGeo site. Recommended to submit to PT for us to change at least initially. Wiki changes to be done directly, after discussion with primary page maintainer (highest activity).
  • Use date format of YYYY-MM-DD on site
  • Jason to:
 - reauthor the mailing list page to describe the main lists and provide links to the mailing list pages for each project.
 - create single project page with quick description and link to project.
 - Remove Hobu from the committee membership list.
  • Daniel to:
 - Check whether other members are still interested.

Next meeting: two weeks.