WebCom Meeting 20060719

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Web Site Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting Info

Chair:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo
When:  18:00 (6 pm) UTC on July 19th

Agenda Items

  • Reviews the News Queue process and make sure everyone is ok with it.

  • Do we want to decommission the news.osgeo.org project?

  • Do we want to send all posted announcements to the announce@mail.osgeo.org mailing list too?

  • What should we replace the main page core text with when we remove the news items?

  • Web site redesign?
    • Need to understand the LOOK project.
    • Any volunteers?

  • Front page refactor
    • Too much focus on news. Need sections for Member Spotlights (developers, users, etc).

  • Thoughts about assigning project subdomains to member projects (geotools.osgeo.org) that have their own infrastructure. We did it for wiki so should be technically possible.

  • Removal of "Register or Log In to Subscribe" link for mailing lists?

  • Should we have responsibility for platform choice?


  • Voted on decommission News Project - carried
    • Frank to move Spotlights to main web site
    • MapGuide isn't pointing to dev spotlight anymore

  • press@osgeo.org offered to MPG; not sure if he confirmed

  • Remove RSS link ; Get CN to add date to RSS feeds

  • Voted on mirroring news to announce@ - carried

  • Voted on avoiding changes to the site layout via LOOK - carried

  • Voted on assigning osgeo subdomains (project.osgeo.org) directly to projects for use on their webservers if requested. - carried

  • Lots of discussion on design; proposal to spend large part of next meeting talking about what we needed from a designer was accepted.

Transcript available at: http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2006-07-19.log starting at around 10:00