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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 7th of September at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.



Rough paste of IRC chat here, but Tyler will clean it up shortly:

[08:04am] TylerM: roll call: frank, bob, jo, arnulf,
[08:04am] TylerM: jeroen, tyler
[08:04am] TylerM: paul
[08:04am] TylerM: markus
[08:05am] TylerM: meeting starting
[08:05am] TylerM: Tyler as secretary...
[08:05am] mlechner joined the chat room.
[08:05am] TylerM: markusN: did you make it on?
[08:05am] markusN: now yes
[08:06am] TylerM: added: Dave to call
[08:06am] TylerM: Agenda:
[08:06am] sigq: Title: Twenty Eighth Board Meeting - OSGEO (at
[08:07am] TylerM: arnulf moves ot accept last meeting minutes, jo seconded
[08:07am] TylerM:
[08:07am] sigq: Title: Twenty Seventh Board Meeting - OSGEO (at
[08:07am] TylerM: all in favour, carried
[08:07am] TylerM: Next item...
[08:07am] TylerM:  -- Selection of officers
[08:08am] TylerM: as per
[08:08am] sigq: Title: [Board] Board Meeting Friday (at
[08:08am] sevenof9: The mail from FrankW looks good, lets go for it.
[08:08am] TylerM: bob moves to keep frank as president, dave seconds
[08:08am] • ticheler_ +1
[08:09am] TylerM: carried, all in favour
[08:09am] markusN: congrats!
[08:10am] TylerM: Secretary... I was before and am happy to continue
[08:10am] TylerM: jo moves, dave seconds keeping tyler as secretary
[08:10am] TylerM: carried
[08:11am] TylerM: Treasurer....
[08:16am] huhabla joined the chat room.
[08:18am] gsherman joined the chat room.
[08:18am] mloskot left the chat room. ("Leaving")
[08:21am] zool: long discussion about treasurer role
[08:21am] zool: comes down to wanting more feedback from ken tamura in person, and talkin about it all in depth at f2f
[08:21am] TylerM: defer discussion until we can have ken involved in a call to give input
[08:22am] TylerM: --- next item
[08:22am] TylerM: gvSIG incubation
[08:22am] TylerM: frank is bringing the recommendation from incubation committee to have gvSIG to join incubation
[08:23am] TylerM: it will be the 10th project in incubation
[08:23am] TylerM: a few may graduate out over next few months
[08:24am] ticheler_: GeoNetwork will work on getting out of incubation by end of Oct after 3rd GeoNetwork meeting
[08:24am] TylerM: jeroen moves to accept, arnulf seconds to accept them
[08:24am] TylerM: all in favour, carried
[08:25am] TylerM: --- Discuss board/executive operation
[08:25am] jlivni_ joined the chat room.
[08:25am] TylerM: -discussing generally how the board, etc. operates
[08:26am] TylerM: frank giving an overview of how board, lists, ed, email addresses, etc.
[08:27am] mloskot joined the chat room.
[08:27am] TylerM: discussing fund spending processes..
[08:28am] mloskot left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[08:32am] ominoverde joined the chat room.
[08:35am] TylerM: tyler gave overview of current funds and how they relate to the budget
[08:36am] TylerM: more finance discussion to be had at board meeting at foss4g
[08:38am] zool: hooray
[08:38am] TylerM: -- discuss agenda for foss4g board meeting
[08:39am] TylerM: -- discuss FOSS4G 2008 governance, etc.
[08:39am] ticheler_: -- Discuss FOSS4G 2008 governance, etc.
[08:39am] TylerM: :
[08:39am] TylerM:
[08:40am] ticheler_:
[08:40am] TylerM: frank discussing ideas  / approach to how osgeo to work with south africa group
[08:41am] TylerM: how to give local autonomy for smooth deliver, but tie back to osgeo
[08:42am] jlivni left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:42am] TylerM: paul -- ideal to have board member on local committee and
[08:43am] TylerM: someone from previous event
[08:45am] TylerM: on behalf of the conference committee, frank is bring the idea to accept the south africa bid as the approved
[08:45am] TylerM: paul moved, arnulf seconded to offcially accept, all in favour, carried
[08:46am] TylerM: there will still be more formal budget discussion before carrying forward
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[08:51am] TylerM: going to promote the AGM a bit more publicly
[08:51am] sigq: Title: AGM 2007 - OSGEO (at
[08:53am] markusN:
[08:53am] sigq: Title: Italiano - OSGEO (at
[08:55am] ticheler_: ominoverde: What's the legal status of the Italian chapter
[08:55am] ominoverde: illegal 
[08:55am] TylerM: -- new item.. Markus bringing forward the idea of accepting the italian chapter
[08:55am] • ominoverde kidding
[08:56am] ominoverde: the italian chapter doesn't exists actually but there is the association that is legally in italy
[08:56am] TylerM: markus makes motion to accept the italian local chapter, second by jo
[08:56am] TylerM: all in favour, motion carried
[08:57am] ticheler_: zool: you wre too fast 
[08:57am] ominoverde:
[08:57am] zool: rocks
[08:58am] SiamCat left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[08:58am] ominoverde: hehe
[08:58am] ominoverde: maybe somebody should tell them (me too) that you've decided this...
[08:58am] TylerM: Tyler posted his todo list
[08:58am] sigq: Title: User:Tmitchell - OSGEO (at
[08:58am] TylerM: Paul moves to close meeting, arnulf second.. carried
[08:59am] TylerM: See you (almost) all of you at
[08:59am] sigq: Title: Board Meeting FOSS4G2007 - OSGEO (at
[08:59am] ticheler_ left the chat room.
[08:59am] TylerM: Next board meeting sept 23rd.. telecon and IRC available for remote attendees
[08:59am] TylerM: ----- MEETING ADJORNED