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Board agreed that we would like to move certain parts of our infrastructure to 3rd party service - possibly Google. The discussion with SAC showed we need more clarifications to this topic


  • Mailboxes
    • Mailboxes for individuals (e.g. 'Jachym Cepicky') and roles ('secretary')
    • Possibility to keep track on official mailboxes (e.g. treasurer), which are currently setuped as aliases to external mails
    • More flexible setting up things - taking some effort from SAC, of course, if SAC agrees - moving to e.g. secretary
  • Private repository
    • Get repository for files, which should not be exposed to public (yet) (e.g. Contributor agreements)
    • Enable also non-technical people to interact with that repository (shall not be SVN or GIT) - virtual drive (e.g. FTP), would do
    • We now use Dropbox shared folder, it works nice, but it consumes "free" space from private accounts therefore it's not usable for everything - it's semi-official
  • Collaborative work
    • Yes, we love the way, you can work with Google docs. Yet you can convince us, it's not worth that effort.


Board proposed to go on with Google apps for business, but splitting the mail domains seems to be nearly impossible. Therefore this wiki is setuped to help with defining our scope more precisely.


  • Shared folders: Implement a self-hosted owncloud instance. It offers a lot of features (scroll down there).