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OSGeo Hacking event in a monastery near Bolsena (29 June - 4 July 2020)

Event Owner
Jeroen Ticheler
29 June - 4 July 2020
Other events
25-29 May 2020, OSGeo Code Sprint 2020
Bolsena - Italy
Previous years
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

After thirteen successful years, we'll continue the OSGeo "hacking" event in Bolsena in an Italian monastery (see map location, and videos: 2008-video, 2009-video and 2010-video. The monastery is overlooking Lago Bolsena and offers space to about 25 people in small bedrooms :-) . It is one of the coolest places for such an event. Quiet, isolated, simple and serene. Have a look yourself, including looking at the photo gallery. For what the food concerns, we cook elaborate meals you will definitely enjoy :-) . There's a large dining space, but we will eat outside overlooking the lake if weather permits (very likely in June).

The all inclusive cost will be 550 Euro (Excl VAT) per person for the full week. You can stay all seven days and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in the price. As in previous years, we will go out for a city visit and a dinner on one of the evenings (also included).

The event will take place during the whole week (5 days), although the emphasis will probably be Monday to Friday for most participants. Please contact me if you have questions about this event (Jeroen Ticheler)



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Projects Attending






Those participating, you will need to make the payment of 550 Euro (Excl VAT) in advance to GeoCat bv to guarantee your place. Please contact me by email so I can send you the invoice and bank details. I've no problems if you later need to change as long as you make sure there's someone taking your place :-)

No Name Projects single/double room? Confirmed/tentative? Advance paid? Leaving at: Breakfast help:
n Copy this line and add your details GeoNetwork single confirmed
1 Jeroen Ticheler Food double confirmed x
2 Michel Gabriel Geonetwork single confirmed x
3 Paul van Genuchten Geonetwork pygeoapi single confirmed x
4 Jose Garcia Geonetwork single confirmed x
5 Juan Luis Rodriguez Geonetwork single confirmed x
6 Jody Garnett Assorted single confirmed x
7 Victor Olaya GeoCat Bridge single confirmed x
[1] please sign up to help with setting up and cleaning the breakfast during one day in the week.

How to arrive to the Monastery

The closest airports are the Roma airports (Ciampino and Fiumincino).

From Rome to the monastery there is 135 km approximately.

There is no railway to Bolsena.

From Fiumicino to Rome you can take the train METROPOLITANO FR1.

From Rome you can take a bus (cotral to Viterbo and other bus from viterbo to Bolsena (9am & 7.30pm).

Alternatively you can take a train from Rome to Orvieto and take a taxi from Orvieto to Bolsena. Orvieto Taxi info: 1) Paolo of 'Gulliver Taxi' tel 0763 302969 or mobile 330 477399. 2) Luigi tel 338 9790846. Luigi speaks limited English 3) OrvietoTaxi : is a good option (by Just)

You could also walk from Orvieto to Bolsena via routes such as the one shown here - about 14km if you take the shortest route. :-)

There are 2 buses a day from Orvieto to Bolsena, except on Sunday, there is NO bus on Sunday. More info on

From Bolsena main street to the Monastery is approximately 1 km.

It could be interesting to rent a private bus or several cars to move from Rome to the Monastery and from the Monastery to Rome.

If you are interested in share vehicle please add your name to the following table and the columns you need for new ideas.

Name I prefer to rent a bus I prefer to share rented car I prefer to get a ride if you have a car I'll go with my car and I have free seats I'll go by train Comments
copy and paste this to add yourself

How to get back home

Name I prefer to rent a bus I prefer to share rented car I prefer to get a ride if you have a car I'll go with my car and I have free seats I'll go by train Comments
copy and paste this to add yourself


The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) encourages code sprints for developers of open source GIS software to work together in person as a team, and build up relationships between projects (

A project focused code sprint for is booked for 25-29 May 2020 in Bolsena Italy.

We expect 20-30 international participants from across the geospatial community, including OSGeo projects. This sprint is a chance for project teams to work on RnD, maintenance challenges, and any activity which benefits from the quick turn around of in person communication. This is your chance to meet with the core developers of the projects, get a deeper insight into the software, and participate in the development.

In addition to the costs of providing the technical infrastructure and space, food and drink for the developers represents the main cost.

In order to cover these costs we would be overjoyed to accept offers of sponsorship!

What we can offer:

  • Your logo on top of the community sprint website as well as on all official documents used during the sprint
  • Acknowledgement in all sprint related emails
  • Our undying gratitude, which comes in handy when you least expect it (remember that feature you wanted?)

Sponsorship levels:

  • Gold: >= 2000 EUR
  • Silver: 1000 EUR
  • Bronze: 500 EUR

We would also like to recognize organizations participating in the event as *in-kind* sponsors.