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FOSS4G 2008 LiveDVD discussions

This page is an archived of the discussions leading up to the production of the FOSS4G 2008 LiveDVD. For ongoing development, check out Live GIS Disc and the FOSS4G2008 LiveDVD release notes page.


To create a live CD\DVD with as much OSGEO software as possible to be used in workshops, as handouts at conferences and to demonstrate a full functioning FOSS GIS stack.


Download the live DVD from here: .

FOSS4G 2008 LiveDVD Contents

With the development of the FOSS4G 2008 Live DVD complete, I have added the index page of the DVD to the wiki.



What exists as of September, 11 2008

Authors Distro Base Packages Building tool Link
Camptocamp Ubuntu: MapGuideOS, adding MapFish, and SDI ?
LisaSoft Ubuntu PostGIS, geoserver, gvsig LISAsoft-LiveCD process
Ominiverdi Xubuntu QGIS, Grass, PostGIS, GDAL, R UCK Ominiverdi Edu Live
Gvsig Knoppix Postgis, geoserver, deegree, geonetwork gvsig live

Live DVD for FOSS4G2008

  • DVD in size (not CD)
  • Base Distribution: Xubuntu
  • We will start from the Ominiverdi image
  • LISAsoft will add Geoserver and hopefully other java packages


Who did testing ISO Image Results Machines
Cameron Shorter FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha2.iso Loaded fine, didn't note any problems with images
Alex Mandel FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha3_4.iso
  • Loaded ok, no login problems.
  • QGIS ok, sampledata ok,
  • Mapserver appears to be working but the desktop icon doesn't go to anything useful, actually goes to an error page saying that no query was provided.
  • QGIS think the Grass dataset is under the ubuntu user, but the user was changed to demo.
VMWare Beta 2 on Ubuntu 8.04 amd64
Brian Hamlin FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha3_4.iso PGAdmin/psql, QGis Pg layers, ok.. GeoServer MapPreview of Alaska Layer in OpenLayers shows no results?? MacBook, VirtualBox 2 on amd64
Nicol Hermann FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha3_4.iso Loading OK. Missing raster layer in gvSIG project, unsure what password to use for postgis ODBC connection during gvSIG startup. I found no logout/shoutdown link on the Desktop. Does this happen intentionally? Lenovo T60, WLAN was not detected
Lorenzo Becchi FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha3_4.iso
  • Autorun fails because directs to index.htm while the file name is index.html
  • index.html offers no link to installers but the text "Prova Livecd"
Windows on VirtualBOX 1.5
Lorenzo Becchi FOSS4G-2008-LiveDVD-Alpha3_4.iso
  • Readme file on the last line tells (www.ominiverdi) instead of (
  • Mapserver doesn't seem to have a local mapfile to show local data
  • I've made a mapfile for Mapserver: Live_GIS_Disc:mapfile_for_mapserver and added few instruction how to use it. so it can be used by other applications
LiveCD on VirtualBOX 1.5

  • shellexecute=index.htm
  • Password is in the Readme on the desktop, maybe we should but it on the desktop by embedding it in the background image?
  • Logout/shutdown is in the upper right corner, as well as on the main menu.

DVD Burning


  • Burn onto a DVD
  • Graphics to be printed onto the other side with a suitable logo and contents. A simple one colour print run will be sufficient.
  • Target print run of at least 100. If budget permits, 250 would be better. It would be good to give one to all local delegates who want one.


  • We need to know when we need to hand over the ISO image so that it can be burned.
  • The more time we have, the more testing we can do on the image and the more polished it will be.
    • We can hand the image over on Tuesday 23 September, but would prefer if we had till Thursday 2 October.

Potential Printers:

The 2008 Local Organising Committee have provided the following details for burning DVDs and printing: FOSS4G 2008 Media Facilities

From the 2008 Local Organising Committee:

  • Heindrich Du Plessis
  • Burnie / Inge, have a list of service providers that is being used for the conference CDs?

Tim Bowden has found someone as well ...

Build Process

LiveCD for FOSS4G2008 Schedule

Date Milestone Responsible
Fr 12 Sept IRC kickoff meeting
Fr 19 Sept Draft ISO to be released for testing (feature freeze)
We 24 Sept Final ISO complete
Th 25 Sept Burn CDs Tim Bowden
Mo 29 Sept FOSS4G 2008 Starts

Who's helping

  • LISAsoft can provide equivalent of 1 resource, split between Mark Leslie, Stefan Hansen, Volker Mische, & Cameron Shorter.
  • jsanz, chevi
  • wildintellect have offered 2 days
  • Tim Bowden is looking into CD burning
  • Luca Casagrande and Ominiverdi Family
  • HamishBowman can provide DebianGIS integration help
  • ... (add your name)