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* [[Anna Petrasova]]
* [[Anna Petrasova]]
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* [[User:Wenzeslaus|Vaclav Petras]]
* [User:Jive| Jody Garnett]]
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* [[Y Y]]
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* Add your name

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Placeholder for organizing the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2017 Boston, similar to previous years: FOSS4G2016 Bonn, FOSS4G2015_OSGeo_Booth Seoul, FOSS4G2014 OSGeo Booth Portland.

Event Contacts: TBD

Event contact

Marc Vloemans

Guido Stein

Floor Plan

As always on FOSS4G OSGeo has a booth Booth location to be determined

  • plan to be added

e.g. see http://2016.foss4g.org/files/foss4g/media/videos/FOSS4G-Exhibition-Plan_v3.jpg

e.g. Wall facing the stairs for screen/banner Corner: flyer-console

Booth Structure

  • Depending on actual location of sockets

Booth Size

X m x X m



WTC Boston

Day Hours
Wednesday August 15 00:00-00:00 possible setup.
Thursday August 16 00:00-00:00 Regular hours, sessions running, happy hour etc.
Friday August 17 00:00-00:00 Regular hours, sessions running, happy hour etc.
17:30-18:00 Move out

conference program: http://2017.foss4g.org/

Signup Schedule


Possible needs:
  • Poster?
  • Flyer console (to be bought)
  • laptops/monitors?
  • 1 high table? drape? 2 stools/chairs? banner, cloth banner ceiling
  • screen? wired internet?
  • Tangible Landscape if space allows?

Please note: per july 2017 a new logo design and collateral update is under way

  • stickers to be printed
  • OSGEo Flyer(s) to be printed
  • Banners to be printed locally:
Old: http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/marketing/exhibitionpack/
I suggest both: OSGeo_popup and OSGeo_popup2
Ask printer/see on printer-site, whether  the PDF of SVG format is needed. Silk finish or silk matt finish for readability  (light glare during exhibitions is high)
  • Brochure:
Old: OSGeo_Brochure_2010_PRINT_A4_spread.pdf
(this is single A4 back and front)
New brochure to be printed locally
I suggest minimum paperweight of 100 gram paper, silk or silk matt finished.
Ask printer to fold, preferably not do so yourself (bothersome and never a crips bend)
Usually I count max 100 brochures per exhibition day on average. Now, 300 will do I expect.
  • Table runner
Old: http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/marketing/exhibitionpack/
If printer is able to print on cloth, you could order:
OSGeo_tablerunner to be designed
Please check with printer if PDF or SVG file format required
  • CD Live disk/stick (latest version?)
Per FOSS4G 2016 this was 10.0 version, we now have 10.5
Stick minumum memory: ?
Logo to be printed on it.
Amount: ?? (50% self-starting)
  • Geo4all labs materials?

Ask labs to provide flyers highlighting education and research programs - where to send them and how many?

Presentations & Activities

  • not much space for presentations, perhaps rent a screen?
  • marketplace/message board (post-its and Header-sticker)
  • Happy hours Wed 24 & Thurs 25 17.00-18.30, format fixed #drinks in stock, first-come-first-serve.


Review in case of updates or additions

  • place visible links to slides or videos here
  • OSGeo Live overview presentation

Other Considerations

Day Hours What Booth Team (2-3/slot) Special activity
Wednesday August 24 8:30-8:45 Move in / Set up Marc