FOSS4G 2023 Community Sprint

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Community Sprint

Also this year, after the conference, there will be the OSGeo community sprint.

Participation is free of charge and anyone involved or interested in getting involved in OSGeo community projects is welcome.

You can choose to contribute to one or more projects. The sky is the limit. There’s always plenty to do – and it’s not all about programming. Translation, documentation, feedback, discussions, and testing are very important for projects! Conference registration is not a prerequisite for participation in the community sprint.


The community sprint will be held on 01-02 of July.

  • 8:00 - 21:00


The community sprint will be hosted at the Innovation and Training Park Prizren.

Registered Attendees

The community sprint is free of charge but we kindly ask you to write down your name for better planning.

No Name Email Projects Registered to FOSS4G conference Present on Sat 1st Present on Sun 2nd
1 Astrid Emde astrid_emde osgeo org OSGeo, OSGeoLive, Mapbender Yes Yes Yes
2 Raymond Nijssen raymond.nijssen terglobo nl QGIS Yes Yes Yes
3 Ivansanchez (talk) ivan sanchezortega es Leaflet, Gleo, OGC standards Yes Yes Yes
4 Simon Šanca simon.sanca hvl no QGIS, GRASS GIS Yes Yes No
5 Vicky Vergara vicky.vergara at pgRouting, OSgeo, OSGeolive Yes No Yes
6 Jesper Larsson jesper.larsson at constellr com Helping out with anything :) Yes Yes yes
7 Jody Garnett OpenGIS Harmonization yes yes yes
8 Andrea Aime andrea.aime at geosolutionsgroup com OpenGIS Harmonization yes yes Morning only
9 Ian Turton ian at OpenGIS Harmonization yes yes No
10 Felix Delattre felix delattre de Helping out with anything Yes Yes No
11 Ariel Anthieni aanthieni at kan dot com dot ar Geonode Yes Yes x
12 Walter Shilman wshilman at kan dot com dot ar Geonode Yes Yes x
13 Luís de Sousa luis dot de dot sousa at protonmail dot com PyWPS, pygeometa, GRASS Yes Yes Yes
14 Just van den Broecke just at gmail dot com pygeoapi, GeoHealthCheck, map5topo Yes Yes Yes
15 Irdi Ismaili irdiismaili11 at protonmail dot com Helping out with anything Yes Yes Yes
16 Angelos Tzotsos tzotsos(at) pycsw, OSGeoLive, GeoNode, UbuntuGIS, pygeoapi, OTB Yes Yes Yes
17 Jerome St-Louis jerome(at) OGC APIs / Styles & Symbology Standards, Ecere SDK, GNOSIS SDK/Map Server/Cartographer Yes Yes Yes
18 Stefan Blumentrath GRASS GIS, actinia Yes Yes Maybe
19 Taro Matsuzawa QGIS, SMASH, UNVT Yes yes Maybe
20 Marcel Wallschlaeger marcel.wallschlaeger(at) GeoNode Yes yes Maybe
21 ShogoHirasawa Plug-in development for Re:Earth Yes No Yes
22 Hidemichi Baba Plug-in development for Re:Earth Yes No Yes
23 Arisa Mikumo Plug-in development for Re:Earth Yes No Yes
24 Aki Sato Plug-in development for Re:Earth Yes No Yes
25 Ricardo Garcia Silva pygeoapi, maybe also help with other stuff Yes Yes Yes
26 Brandon Liu OpenLayers, MapLibre GL, QGIS, Protomaps Yes Yes Yes
27 Yui Matsumura(Yuiseki) yuiseki at UNVT Yes Yes Maybe
28 Michel Stuyts info (at) michelstuyts (dot) be QGIS, OSGeoLive Yes No Yes
29 Nicolas Roelandt OSGeoLive, French Local chapter paperwork Yes Yes Yes
N my name my email projects I will work on x x x






  • Work on incubation tasks

OpenGIS Harmonization

The OGC GeoAPI Implementation Specification requires exclusive use of the org.opengis Java package. OSGeo experimented in cross-project collaboration using “geoapi-pending” interfaces defined in the org.opengis Java package. This activity removes use org.opengis from OSGeo projects, and provides scripts to help the wider Java community adapt to the change.

Visit OSGeo opengis-harmonization initiative activity background, including sponsorship opportunities. See GeoTools wiki for technical details on is challenge.


  • Jody Garnett
  • Andrea Aime
  • Ian Turton


  1. Introduce an org.geotools.api packages as a drop-in replacement for org.opengis packages
  2. Pull methods down into existing GeoTools interface and extends relationship
  3. Produce linux or ant script to migrate client code (to be provided with update instructions)
  4. Stretch goal: Remove interfaces that have no implementations


Working in contribute to the accessibility of different languages to the official documentation and software


  • Ariel Anthieni
  • Walter Shilman
  • Marcel Wallschläger
  • Irdi Ismaili


  • Review set translation process in transifex
  • Think of a proposal to improve the metadata module
  • Generate translation proccess form sotfware


Grasslogo vector small.png


  • Stefan


Re:Earth" is a WebGIS platform that serves as the foundation for a "digital twin" that reproduces information from physical space in virtual space. This tool is released as open source software, and the source code is freely available. It has the following features

- Provides an environment for easy utilization of geospatial (physical space) data, which is becoming increasingly complex and large-scale

- General-purpose for management, analysis, and visualization of geospatial data

- Realization of WebGIS: Expanding functionality by developing plug-ins for various fields Re:Earth" is developed using the latest Web technology, and a full-fledged GIS environment can be easily used on a Web browser without the need for installation. By making Re:Earth open source, we aim to form a worldwide OSS community with engineers from all over the world, including developers of the main unit and plug-ins.

Visit Re:Earth [1] . See GitHub [2] .


  • Shogo Hirasawa
  • Hidemichi Baba
  • Arisa Mikumo
  • Aki Sato


  1. Create a project in Re:Earth
  2. Creating Re:Earth plug-ins

Event Organization

The FOSS4G 2023 Team is the proud organiser of the community sprint.

For any question you can contact Raymond Nijssen, the person in charge of the community sprint.