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As one objective of OSGeo, we want to generate/update/enhance existing free geodata for the community. This comprises re-packaging, data storage in convenient formats, tiling and other.

We are kindly supported by (available resources).

Status of


Installed Software

I have installed the following software packages on

  • geos 2.2.3
  • proj 4.5.0 - SPEC file
  • ogdi-CVS (17 August 2006) - compiled with external proj, expat, zlib
  • GDAL 1.3.2 - SPEC file
  • GRASS 6.2.0 - SPEC file
  • GDAL-OGR-GRASS plugin - SPEC file
  • OSSIM (19 August 2006) - default compilation
  • FWTools 1.0.5 - in /usr/local/FWTools-1.0.5, use "fwtools" alias to add to path

Source code:

  • /home/neteler/software/<software>
  • if taken from CVS, anon-CVS was used
  • configuration is saved in each subdir as "conf_<software>.sh"


  • all binaries are installed into /usr/local/*
  • /usr/local/lib was added to /etc/


Apache is running with a default configuration. The web site contents goes in /var/www/html. After a machine restart it may be necessary to restart apache with "apachectl restart" as root/sudo.

Geodata processing

  • data are stored on in /geodata/<user>
  • only root/sudo can add further directories in /geodata/ (FrankW, markusN, hobu, ...)

Data: VMAP0 1:1Mio World Vector Data

  • /geodata/markus/vmap0/
  • eur, sas, soa are from 2000, noa from 2002
  • status: downloaded
  • TODO:
    • convert to SHAPE
    • tile into smaller pieces
    • cleanup attributes
    • remove annoying grid lines (dissolve in GRASS)
    • enrich country maps with population data (see here for inspiration, I have their SQL code somewhere)
  • Already in Geodata_Repository#PostGIS_serving_vector_data (Martin).

Data: GSHHS World Costline Vector Data

(Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Shoreline)

  • /geodata/markus/gshhs1.5/
  • from Sept. 2004
  • status: downloaded (original server disappeared, but MN had a copy)
    • Original server is now here, versions newer than 1.3 are licensed as GPL:
  • TODO:
    • convert to SHAPE - find them on the NOAA site in the shapefiles/ dir, or I've (Hamish) got a copy.
If you really want to load in original data, you can use GRASS 5.4's module.
  • The wiki claims that the lake data is not very good. Fortunately they list some other alternatives:
That is a very nice page to explore.

Data: Gazetteer data World from

  • /geodata/markus/
    • database dump in dump_17aug2006/
    • docs in docs/
    • script in the dump/ directory for future downloads
  • status: downloaded
  • TODO:
    • convert to SHAPE?
    • insert into PostGIS? - see docs/geonames_dump_into_postgresql.txt
  • Already in Geodata_Repository#PostGIS_serving_vector_data (Martin).