Google Summer of Code 2017 Accepted

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Accepted Proposals

This year OSGeo accepted 15 students working on the following projects:

Community Project Student 1st mentor 2nd mentor 3rd mentor Wiki page Repository
GRASS GIS GRASS GIS Locations Created From Public Data Zechariah Krautwurst Anna Petrasova Vaclav Petras Trac GitHub
GRASS GIS Integration of PDAL into GRASS GIS Paul Schrum Vaclav Petras Anna Petrasova
GRASS GIS SOS tools in GRASS GIS Ondřej Pešek Luca Delucchi Matteo De Stefano Trac
gvSIG Educational games add-on for gvSIG Batoví/Educa Carlos I. Colombana Nadia Chaer Francisco Puga Wiki GitHub
istSOS istSOS-Data analysis and statistical tools suite Rahul Chauhan Massimiliano Cannata Milan Antonovic
istSOS Improving IstSOS Web API and finalizing IstSOS Javascript Core Library Luka Glušica Milan Antonovic Luca Delucchi IstSOS Web API Javascript Core

Web Widget Creator

MapMint Integrating istSOS as a data store in MapMint Niroshan Bandara Gérald Fenoy Sittichai Choosumrong Massimiliano Cannata Wiki GitHub
MapMint4ME Adding Audio/Video and SOS input support in MapMint4ME Rajat Shinde Sittichai Choosumrong Gérald Fenoy Milan Antonovic Wiki GitHub Repo
NASA Web World Wind 3D OSM Plugin API Candan Eylül Kilsedar Jakub Balhar Patrick Hogan Wiki GitHub
NASA Web World Wind MarkerCluster Plugin Simone Battaglia Gabriele Prestifilippo Patrick Hogan Wiki GitHub
OneBusAway Integration of Bikeshare Information into an Open-source Transportation App Rodrigo Carvalho Stefan Steiniger Sean Óg Crudden Sean Barbeau
pgRouting Rewrite for Turn Restricted Shortest Path Algorithm in pgRouting Vidhan Jain Daniel Kastl Rohith Reddy TRSP Wiki TRSP Project
pgRouting Implement Connected Components Algorithms for pgRouting by the Boost Graph Library Maoguang Wang Vicky Vergara Daniel Kastl Wiki Github Branch
pgRouting Extension of pgRouting Contraction framework to implement Contraction By Area Ankur Shukla Rohith Reddy Vicky Vergara Wiki Github Branch
QGIS QGIS Web API and remote control Plugin (for Notebook integration) Kevin Stadler Barry Rowlingson Julia Wagemann

See the accepted projects on Google's platform.