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  • Proposed date: Mon, 19 March 2012
  • Rolling meeting (March 18th and 19th) with first and second time slot to allow for greater participation.
    • Australia March 19th 7:30am and 11pm
    • India March 19th 3:30am and 6pm
    • Europe March 18th 10:30 pm and March 19th 8am
    • Americas March 18th 5:30 pm and March 19th 8am
  • Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


1) Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting16

2) status update from mentors or team representatives

  • PostGIS / Arnulf (away?)
  • geomoose / Jody Garnett
  • rasdaman / Bruce Bannerman (Jody Backup)
  • gvSig / jsanz
  • geoserver / pspencer
  • GEOS / FrankW
  • MetaCRS / Daniel Morissette
  • ZOO-Project / pending FrankW availability

3) Review pending incubation applications

Pending Applications in Trac

4) Graduation Checklist - review and approve

5) Incubation FAQ


6) Review open incubation issues

Open Incubation Issues

7) Reports



Full log:

  1. Attending: jgarnett, CameronShorter, FrankW
  2. Accepted minuets from [IncCom_Meeting15]
  3. Status update was minimal
  4. Review pending applications: Frank updated the MapProxy proposal to be included in the list. While hobu has volunteered to mentor the project he was not on hand to make or accept the motion. We should take it to email list.
  5. Graduation Checklist - review and approve. +3 non opposed, more importantly email discussion was lively and the document is a vast improvement on what is currently available.
  6. Incubation FAQ - small amount of discussion and corrections
  7. Review open incubation issues - no items discussed
  8. Reports - report is started. Will email the list when there is one week until it is due.