Marketing Meeting 2008.12.11

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  • Meeting held Thursday Dec 11th (Wednesday in some regions): 2008-12-11 0700 UTC
  • For detailed discussion/minutes please see the IRC Logs (2008-12-10 - starting at server time 22h00). Summary of key decisions is below.


  • Roll call
  • Reviewed minutes from last meeting
    • No issues or concerns identified
    • Attending: Tyler, Alex, Cameron, Michael, Jeroen, Daniele, Arnulf (Alex is not voting member)
  • Update TrademarkGuidelines and FAQ
    • This was Arnulf's item, we deferred to future meeting as he wasn't yet in the meeting.
    • TODO: Each member to review TrademarkGuidelines to see if changes are needed.
  • Approve Marketing Budget 2009
    • The major item for discussion during this meeting.
    • ADOPTED: majority of committee was in agreement with the Marketing Budget 2009 document. (3 +1 votes, 2 +0 votes)
    • Some reservations were expressed, largely relating to more detailed workplans. More detail will be added for each item when workplans are developed.
    • Web site updates were determined to be critical parts in the budget, funding moved from communication/branding into web site updates. Will need to coordinate with Web Committee.
    • Question of whether unused funding from 2008 for web site work could be rolled into 2009 for marketing budget.
    • Exhibition Pack contents and concepts were discussed, including various components and how we will want to purse completing them. More discussion to happen as members start to dig into the best way to produce each component affordably. More discussion in future meetings and on list.
    • TODO: Tyler breakdown marketing costs from 2007/2008 - to show what the budget was ultimately spent on
    • Discussion about case studies and web content - and how to keep current. Also where in the budget this will come from. Material and web site development items will be generally used for these. Updates once a year for most content is considered reasonable (e.g. for collateral material) though other exhibition components should last several years (e.g. banners, etc).
  • Next phase in branded material development.
    • Following from the Marketing Communication Strategy 2008 we were going to develop material/website branding next.
    • Find another designer directly, or continue with previous company? These will feed into content used by the Exhibition Pack
    • Deferred to next meeting
  • Next Meeting Date - January 15th (14th for some) at 7h00 UTC
    • Determined that the first Thursday of each month (Wednesday for some) will be the recurring meeting time, starting in February. Continued to be held at 7h00 UTC.
    • Online iCal file shows dates.