Marketing Meeting 2020-06-26

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Meeting Details


  • Jody
  • Enock


  • Review Marketing Meeting 2020-06-05
  • SOTM Online 2020 participation - booth/lightning talk/self hosted session
  • OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Membership updates
  • Wiki page review


Review prior meeting and mailing list activities

Review Marketing Meeting 2020-06-05

Actions/TODOs from prior meeting:

  • TODO: Improve getting started and adding user step-by-step guide
  • TODO: bi-weekly tweets on sponsors / service provides
  • TODO: Regular posts and Facebook
  • TODO: Booth or OSGeo activities during upcoming Virual SOTM -- Enock to find out
  • ACTION: Enock to reach out to RUFORUM
  • ACTION: Update marketing details. Propose a sprint?

Review prior meeting and mailing list activities

SOTM Online 2020 participation

Update from Enock

Make wiki page with time slots for volunteers, ....

  • OSGeo wiki page
  • Ask on mailing lists (discuss, marketing, etc...)
  • consider go for a couple 1-hour sessions, between conference breaks?
  • 1:45 - 15:00 lunch break and dinner break 18.45 to 20:00 ... (UTC)


  • When? July 4-5

What times (UTC) do we need volunteers for?

  • July 4 10:00-22:00
  • July 5 10:00-21:00

Should we ask SAC for a Jitsi service?

  • Not sure there is time

OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities

  • twitter: Astrid tweeted this out
  • facebook: done
  • linkedin: done
  • OSGeo community is responding COVID-19 impact on our community with many events and activities canceled or rescheduled.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available for those in a position to financially support out community.
  • Also
  • osgeo website:
  • twitter: done
  • facebook: done
  • linkedin: done
  • There has also been some discussion on OSGeo 501(c)(4) status on twitter, not being classified as a 501(c)(3) charity limits contributions.

Membership updates

See email discussion thread,

  • Harrison Grundy
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Marc Vloemans
  • Malena
  • Cameron

Wiki page review