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This wiki page is a scratchpad of ideas forming the OSGeo community program. To see how these ideas have been realized please see our website page.


The purpose of *OSGeo Community* projects is help foster innovation and include more project teams in the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

OSGeo support for project teams

If you would like your software project to listed on the website, or apply to become an OSGeo community project, please send a description of your project to the OSGeo Incubation Committee Mailing List. We look forward to helping you!

About OSGeo Website Project List

To be listed on the OSGeo website:

  1. Be geospatial
    • Confirm by checking README or project description
  2. Have a free license or open source license
    • The license must be OSI approved
  3. Welcome participation and new contributors.
    • We look for a clear contribution policy

If you have questions about the above, or would like guidance on setting up your open source project, please reach out to us.

About OSGeo Community Projects

In addition to being listed on the website, projects applying to the *OSGeo Community* program are asked to:

  1. Be geospatial
    • Confirm by checking README or project description
    • project page on the osgeo website
    • We ask projects have some user documentation, for example an OSGeo Live quickstart
  2. Have a free license or an open source license.
    • The license must be OSI approved
    • We ask that the project team check the file headers and double check the license has been appropriately applied
  3. Welcome participation and new contributors.
    • We look for a clear contribution policy
    • We ask that the project demonstrate collaboration, perhaps with a history of bug report or pull requests
    • Projects are required to have a code of conduct

OSGeo Community Projects can take part in the incubation committee for guidance on open source use, setting up project governance, promoting the project, and building the project community. We look forward to working with you.

OSGeo provides code of conduct guidance, many projects selecting contribution covenant).

About OSGeo Projects

To be recognized as an *OSGeo Project* we ask that project teams excel in each of areas mentioned above, see graduation checklist for more detail.

The *OSGeo Project* designation is intended to recognize established projects with a diverse community developers and users with a proven track record.

To be recognized as an *OSGeo Project* a project team applies for the OSGeo incubation program. Successful projects are teamed up with an experienced open source mentor to help answer questions, obtain legal council, and help guide work on transparency and community development as required.

Although incubation is a lot of work, this is opportunity for project teams to grow and improve and be publicly recognized for their accomplishment.


As shown below there is some overlap requirements for an OSGeo projects (as defined by the incubation process graduation checklist).

Responsibility Website Listing OSGeo Community OSGeo Project

- README or project description


- User guide or quickstart

Free or Open Source License

- See LICENSE.md

Free or Open Source License

- Check headers

Free or Open Source License

- Providence Review




- History of pull requests or patches


- Code of conduct

Open Community

- communication channel
- decision making process

Active Healthy Community

- user and developer collaboration
- long term viability

Development Process

- version control
- issue tracker
- leadership open to new members
- transparent decision making


- user documentation
- developer documentation

Release Procedure

- release process
- documented testing process

Foundation Resources Website Listing OSGeo Community OSGeo Project
website project list X X X
website choose-a-project X X X
OSGeo Live X X X
Marketing Collateral X X
Representation project officer
infrastructure and facilities X X
promotion & marketing X X
budget osgeo board project budget
fundraising X X

Activities with the OSGeoLive project or Marketing committee can be pursed at any time.

The incubation process establishes a project as a full fledged OSGeo committee, with a project project officer, with direct access to OSGeo treasurer, and reporting to the board during annual general meeting. While Community projects are not recognized as a committee, the OSGeo board maintains an "OSGeo Community" initiative with budget to support your activities. Attend one of the OSGeo board monthly meetings, or ask on the board mailing list, if your project has an activity that can benefit from financial support. For more information see osgeo_financial_guidence.pdf

Available branding:

Community Project
OSGeo Community Project OSGeo Project

Community Projects

For a complete list please see the osgeo website: menu > projects > community projects.

The following projects were added to the OSGeo Community program from the earlier program:

The following projects have now graduated from incubation:

There is an archive of the old OSGeo Technology Projects page at OSGeo Labs Page Archive.