SAC Meeting 2007-02-22 minutes

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Among the usual IRC suspects, FrankW, hobu, TylerM, danmo, sbarnes, and HyperJohnGraham made their presence known that they were there for the SAC meeting.

Status report from Howard

hobu gave a status report of the latest changes to Trac and subversion in an effort to mitigate the repository locking and recovery issues that we have been suffering through the past month or so. All subversion instances have now been migrated to the FSFS subversion backend. Additionally, hobu found a bug on Trac's development website that said there may be poor interactions with BDB locking, subversion, and Trac running as a CGI. To eliminate this possibility and bring our services in line with our intended layout, Trac was migrated to run under its own virtual host at , with all of the instances running under mod_python in their own <Location> blocks.

Peer1 experienced a power outage at their Atlanda colo on Tuesday night and our servers were off for about 1.5 hours and were brought back up without much trouble.

SSL Cert

sbarnes will generate a key and CSR whenever Tyler is ready with a place to send it.

Removing the DNS Wildcard

Trac has already been migrated. (the backup/development server) has DNS entries and a server layout that approximates what we would like to do with .org. Once virtual hosts are created for all of the URLs that we need to respond to and subversion has been moved out of the way, we can remove the wildcard DNS entry.

Subversion migration

In preparation for the removal of the wildcard entry and to bring the layout of our subversion instances in line with our service-based URL policy, subversion needs to be migrated to run in a virtual host with repositories in their own "buckets". hobu proposed to migrate the subversion instances on Mar. 3 and Mar 4, with directions on how clients can utilize 'svn switch' if they want. Subversion will continue to respond on the old URL for an indefinite amount of time. DNS has been updated to have a 1 day TTL, so this transition should be able to be done over a weekend.

Offsite backups and mirroring

FrankW and sbarnes stepped forward to marshall this effort. FrankW will investigate trac/svn mirroring on TelaScience, and sbarnes will spearhead getting offsite raw backups of everything.

New SAC members

The following members were added by carried motion:

  • Shawn Barnes
  • Gary Sherman
  • Swapnil Hajare

Pre-incubation projects and SAC support

Discussion about SAC's support of projects not currently incubation (like MOSS4G) took place. hobu motioned (carried) to state that SAC is willing to support pre-incubation projects with infrastructure and other time on a per-project basis and to kick the discussion of whether or not SAC is actually *allowed* to do so to the board. FrankW volunteered to take this issue up with the board.


FrankW motioned to adjourn with gsherman seconding.