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Please list the meeting topics, and link to relevant SAC tickets when possible. Meeting will be for assigning tasks, updating status, and voting. Majority of discussions should happen on the mailing list and IRC in before and after meetings. Estimated 30-60 minutes.

Time and Date: UTC: Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm


  • Quick intro of who does what currently - Outcome it's outlined on wiki no need to discuss
  • New OSGeo Website: Outcome Was decided to move forward with OSGeo getting a VPS account and SAC taking ownership of it) see New Website next steps Alex should forward to Michael to get ball rolling.
  • LDAP status report: Outcome LDAP is a mess needs some tender loving care among other things and we need a general contract for this and other issues see

REST of the Agenda we did not get to

  • GIT services status report
  • Steps needed to upgrade Gogs to Gitea
  • Available machines and their load
  • Road ahead
  • New sysadmin contract
  • Next meeting proposed for same time, OCT 26,2017
  • Setting aside money for Cloud Servers, How much can we afford, what providers.
    • I think we should consider a couple since each has strengths (e.g. some allow stop start, many allow create/drop instead of buying a specific server, some provide lots of bandwidth and automated backups but may have smaller size etc, many offer lots of OS, some are limited to just one etc) and maybe not put all our money in one
    • Digital Ocean (Droplet), Linode, Amazon EC, SoftLayer, and other smaller players


   18:49:58	jgarnett:	meeting soon?
   18:50:57	jgarnett:	I like the format described on - especially "Majority of discussions should happen on the mailing list and IRC in before and after meetings."
   18:50:58	sigabrt:	Title: SAC:Oct122017 - OSGeo (at
   18:56:27	robe2:	hey strk were you able to use the jitsi link I put in. I'm the only one there
   18:58:19	jgarnett:	is the meeting on IRC or jitsi?
   18:58:33	robe2:	jgarnett primarily on irc
   18:58:42	robe2:	jitsi is more of an experiment
   18:59:08	robe2:	sometimes voice conversation is easier
   19:00:56	robe2:	okay everyone ready?
   19:04:42	jgarnett:	go for it, I am just here as a guest, can answer questions on website as needed.
   19:04:43	robe2:	Guess we should start with brief introductions -- I'm Regina Obe and very new to SAC. My plans is to help with the gogs / gitea migration / and CI bot setups
   19:05:35	robe2:	jgarnett haven't been following are you guys all set with the website side of things or still back and forth with where it's going to be hosted
   19:06:17	jgarnett:	it is a decision for sac, and this meeting.
   19:07:03	robe2:	Hi wildintellect we were just starting I gave my intro
   19:07:11	wildintellect:	thanks
   19:07:27	jmckenna:	hi all! currently office-less and home-less this week due to construction happening remote works ha). Long-time helper here. thanks Regina for chairing. interesting to see sudden interest in SAC ha! hope this continues.
   19:07:47	jmckenna:	(unfortunately the library i am in using wi-fi closes in 50 minutes, sharp ha!)
   19:07:48	robe2:	and if per chance we wanted to do a voice call I setup a just in case
   19:07:52	robe2:	more of an experiment
   19:08:24	robe2:	jmkenna well that sucks
   19:08:29	jmckenna:	hmm this one time it could be tricky for me to join audio...
   19:08:37	jmckenna:	terrible timing, life
   19:08:44	wildintellect:	lets just do IRC for now
   19:08:53	robe2:	fine with me
   19:08:54	jef:	+1
   19:09:22	jmckenna:	+!
   19:09:28	jmckenna:	+1
   19:10:53	robe2:	So wanna do a quick intro or just get to the meat of status reports?
   19:11:15	jmckenna:	meat: you're making me hungry though ha
   19:11:18	robe2:	I think at this point I might be the only one that benefits from an intro though I kind of know what each of you do very vaguely
   19:11:21	wildintellect:	I would hit the top issues
   19:11:33	wildintellect:	what each person does is roughly listed on the SAC wiki page
   19:12:15	kalxas:	hi all
   19:13:10	robe2:	Does anyone mind if I juggle the order of agenda
   19:13:21	jmckenna:	as chair you can do that
   19:13:24	jmckenna:	no problem
   19:13:34	jmckenna:	maybe just paste the one you want to talk about
   19:13:40	wildintellect:	+!
   19:13:42	wildintellect:	+1
   19:13:45	jmckenna:	+1
   19:13:49	robe2:	I figure since we have jgarnett here might be best to cover outstanding issues with website and also LDAP which I see as being somewhat related
   19:14:46	robe2:	okay I've reordered so lets start off with New Website
   19:15:00	jgarnett:	not sure what I can add, for the technical hosting requirements I think it is all in email.
   19:15:17	wildintellect:	Status: We approved have GetInteractive setting up a cloud hosted VM to migrate the Beta site to OSGeo control
   19:15:28	jgarnett:	Jeff Johnson was more covering that on an emergency basis; our initial contact point with SAC had some difficulties following through back in March.
   19:15:32	wildintellect:	question, jmckenna are you willing to take lead on the setup
   19:16:16	jmckenna:	sure. i also want to propose a "Website Management Team" also, which would include cvvergara (Vicky) as well
   19:16:22	wildintellect:	GetInteractive suggested we setup the VM and provide them access, rather than the other way around
   19:16:36	wildintellect:	jmckenna, I'm happy with that, just putting you as the chair of that subgroup
   19:16:49	cvvergara:	Hi all
   19:17:03	jmckenna:	this would be a quick-response team, partially funded, to handle website security, wordpress installation, PHP issues, database, content, etc.
   19:17:31	jgarnett:	jmckenna: I am uncomfortable with this subgroup handling content, this goes beyond the mandate of SAC.
   19:17:48	jgarnett:	but I do understand your posession.
   19:17:55	robe2:	Yah I think marketing should handle content
   19:18:09	wildintellect:	true, I would say the SAC role is to assist users if there are issues related to adding content
   19:18:23	jgarnett:	I would prefer to see a new website committee, with a bunch of representation across our community. But honestly it is off topic for this meeting
   19:18:26	robe2:	the SAC should just manage patch updates, security, perhaps integration with LDAP to allor user permission for edit
   19:18:36	jgarnett:	we need to get this up as soon as possible for our community to work on it.
   19:18:53	cvvergara:	I would like to extract statistics from the page ...
   19:18:58	robe2:	jgarnett so is getinteractive just using the built in wordpress authentication?
   19:19:03	cvvergara:	like users, theyr countries, etc
   19:19:07	jgarnett:	robe2: for sure, sac is responsible for hosting + infrastructure always
   19:19:10	wildintellect:	robe2, I think so
   19:19:10	cvvergara:	to have a statistics section
   19:19:22	wildintellect:	so part of the migration is to figure out how to get LDAP running
   19:19:25	jgarnett:	robe2: no idea, they were waiting on harison to offer a bridge to osgeo LDAP
   19:19:27	robe2:	so we really just should move everything over to VM under our control
   19:19:31	robe2:	don't change anything
   19:19:40	wildintellect:	robe2, yes thats the plan
   19:19:42	robe2:	and then deal with the LDAP integration stuff after
   19:19:48	wildintellect:	correct
   19:19:52	robe2:	so what's the hold up?
   19:19:57	jef:	libvirt? how much space is required? distro?
   19:20:00	wildintellect:	just need someone to take the lead
   19:20:12	wildintellect:	GetInteractive offered to do it for a small fee
   19:20:20	jmckenna:	exactly
   19:20:21	robe2:	well first do we have the VM hosting plan in place first
   19:20:27	wildintellect:	we have tentatively agreed
   19:20:32	jmckenna:	so here is the OSGeo community offering to take the lead
   19:20:49	wildintellect:	we do not have a VM hosting plan in place. the service suggested by GetInteractive would meet the need easily
   19:21:04	robe2:	I'd be willing to help out. I've setup wordpress clients and migrated their data from server to server before
   19:21:25	wildintellect:	this is the part I was hoping jmckenna and team would handle (you are welcome to join)
   19:21:34	wildintellect:	we dont' have to do the migration
   19:21:37	jmckenna:	i assumed regina and vicky are on the team!
   19:21:41	robe2:	So first thing is to get the VM hosting plan in place. Everything else will fall into place
   19:21:48	wildintellect:	just setup the VM and give GetInteractive the keys
   19:21:55	wildintellect:	and we'd pay them to migrate it
   19:21:56	robe2:	yes
   19:22:00	robe2:	actually shared keys
   19:22:02	jgarnett:	not sure if I am keeping up, but if you form gather a subcomittee as jmckenna suggests their first task could be to review that contract and ask venka to sign it.
   19:22:04	wildintellect:	correct
   19:22:10	robe2:	we'd have keys too of course.
   19:22:18	wildintellect:	jgarnett, yes that sounds like the right approach
   19:22:29	wildintellect:	a budget of $3000 is available
   19:22:34	jmckenna:	? ha
   19:22:42	wildintellect:	the email thread has the costs, it's less than that
   19:22:51	jmckenna:	i would assume equal effort as GetInteractive
   19:22:52	jgarnett:	even beyond turning on the switch some work is needed to sort out logins for our crew right (via LDAP)?
   19:23:05	jmckenna:	this is something the team can propose to the new OSGeo Baord
   19:23:06	jmckenna:	Board
   19:23:09	wildintellect:	yes that is on us to figure out after the migration
   19:23:25	jgarnett:	the board put aside $3000 as insurance if help was needed, I encourage everyone to figure out what is needed / appropriate and make use of finances appropriately.
   19:23:32	robe2:	jgarnett I'm thinking the login settup via LDAP can be done after
   19:23:34	jmckenna:	we should assume equal effort, (as likely i am the only person here who has done it for 10 years)
   19:23:49	jmckenna:	so let us assume equal effort, to create it, as to maintain it
   19:24:03	jmckenna:	so, 3k is not realistic
   19:24:08	jgarnett:	(like the board spit-balled that figure in a meeting, do not be held to $3000, you folks are the experts here)
   19:24:11	jmckenna:	we can propose to the new OSGeo Board
   19:24:11	wildintellect:	that's the migration budget
   19:24:19	wildintellect:	not SACs annual operating budget
   19:24:55	kalxas:	the budget for the site was voted extra, not a regular SAC or Marketing budget
   19:25:05	wildintellect:	* ~$500 (USD)/yr for the hosting
   19:25:05	wildintellect:	* $381.68 (USD) one time for the setup
   19:25:11	jgarnett:	true, the $3k was set aside to for SAC to support the website/rebranding (not operational budget).
   19:25:17	wildintellect:	that's the quote right now
   19:25:41	wildintellect:	the hosting cost is actually lower as we don't need the plan they suggested
   19:26:06	wildintellect:	and it's only until we bring the website onto our own servers, or decide to long term cloud host
   19:26:29	jgarnett:	wildintellect: agreed
   19:26:44	wildintellect:	I'll note this is what we voted on in the email thread
   19:27:28	wildintellect:	discussion of long term costs for management is up for discussion and amounts needed would be requested in SAC annual budget
   19:27:39	robe2:	So next steps we setup a server on the cloud hosting plan GetInteractive suggested we don't even need to sign-off on the contract for that
   19:27:53	wildintellect:	correct, it's on us
   19:28:10	wildintellect:	to have them do the migration would require the $400 contract
   19:28:35	robe2:	Venkat looks over their contract, pays them, we give them ssh access perhaps pre-install some stuff beforehand, have them migrate wordpress on the VM we setup
   19:28:52	wildintellect:	we don't even need to pre-install anything beyond ssh
   19:28:58	wildintellect:	they will do that part
   19:29:08	robe2:	so anything holding us up from just setting up the VM with the service provider they suggested?
   19:29:17	wildintellect:	someone to take the lead on doing it
   19:29:34	wildintellect:	it's approved, we can ask the Treasurer to pay at any time
   19:30:09	robe2:	So we pay, get an account setup, create the VM, setup SSH access for GetInteractive
   19:30:15	wildintellect:	correct
   19:30:29	robe2:	and who's job is it to do that?
   19:30:49	wildintellect:	that's what I was asking if jmckenna wanted to do a lead of the website team
   19:31:01	wildintellect:	or you as part of that team
   19:31:18	robe2:	I don't even think we need a website team setup to do that first step. Let's just do it
   19:31:46	wildintellect:	sure are you volunteering?
   19:31:48	robe2:	To me the only issue is OSGeo putting in some credit card thing at the VM hoster
   19:31:53	robe2:	okay sure
   19:32:09		* cvvergara robe2 mentioned she had experience migrating
   19:32:11	jj0hns0n:	I can volunteer for this new team, but cannot do everything myself
   19:32:12	jgarnett:	Alex as chair you can take a passed motion to Michael (treasurer) at any time.
   19:32:21	wildintellect:	setup the account, and then we'll email the OSGeo treasurer to login and pay
   19:33:01	wildintellect:	see the email thread for the details on which size VM we decided on, it's was one step under the original suggestion
   19:33:21	wildintellect:	we can always make it bigger later if needed
   19:34:17	jef:	please remind me why we're not hosting the vm ourselves.
   19:34:40	wildintellect:	jef, going to take us too much time to get our system prepared for that
   19:34:59	wildintellect:	we wanted this to happen, asap
   19:35:16	wildintellect:	in a few months if we have the VMs running on our own hardware we can move it
   19:36:03	jef:	because we cannot decide on a host?
   19:36:18	wildintellect:	software, who's going to setup, etc...
   19:36:30	wildintellect:	are we buying a new machine ....
   19:36:40	robe2:	So we'll go with host they suggested -
   19:36:41	sigabrt:	Title: Compute; your own OpenStack cloud server from € 7.95 p/mo | CloudVPS (at
   19:37:05	wildintellect:	yes the price seemed reasonable and unlike AWS the bandwidth is included
   19:37:55	robe2:	and we are going with 4GB plan and can up it higher if we need to
   19:38:17	wildintellect:	correct
   19:38:41	robe2:	so all we need is someone in OSGeo in finance to -
   19:38:42	sigabrt:	Title: CloudVPS (at
   19:39:09	robe2:	setup an account give us the user / pwd they setup and we take care of the rest (they might have to go as far as selecting the 4GB plan)
   19:39:30	wildintellect:	ok, write it up in an email and I'll get it to Mike
   19:40:05	kalxas:	if there is quorum here, you can vote now
   19:40:15	wildintellect:	we already approved this action via email
   19:40:20	kalxas:	ah ok
   19:40:26	jj0hns0n:	robe2 let me know what I can do to help once you are ready
   19:40:50	jj0hns0n:	I would like to see us check the theme and config into a git repo so it can be easily redeployed
   19:41:05	wildintellect:	fyi, this is to host the beta site, jef I expect in a month or two we will have our own VM on OSGeo machines and will put the production site on it
   19:41:54	wildintellect:	so this is just to get us over a bump in resource/people/debate
   19:42:02	cvvergara:	So, the plan lats for how long?
   19:42:13	wildintellect:	a year or less
   19:42:17	cvvergara:	*lasts
   19:42:22	wildintellect:	we pay monthly
   19:42:30	wildintellect:	so we can stop easily at any point
   19:42:36	robe2:	I suspect they are like most cloud hosters that you can cancel at any time
   19:42:42	wildintellect:	correct
   19:42:44	robe2:	they charge you for what you've used up there
   19:43:02	jef:	wildintellect: ok, I thought there were plenty of resources on osgeo6 for that.
   19:43:16	wildintellect:	jef, there are but we don't have VM software setup yet
   19:43:23	wildintellect:	nor a recent base image to work with
   19:43:58	jef:	wildintellect: setting up libvirt and debootstrapping one shouldn't take months ;)
   19:44:03	kalxas:	so osgeo6 does not have kvm installed at all?
   19:44:03		* cvvergara I like the idea of jj0hns0n about git, I would like to experiment on my computer about the statistics
   19:44:16	jef:	kalxas: modules are there. libvirt not yet
   19:44:20	wildintellect:	jef, technically no, by committee yes
   19:44:33	kalxas:	OS version?
   19:44:44	wildintellect:	correct osgeo6 was installed with all projects in the main system not vituralized
   19:44:50	jef:	wildintellect: yes, I notice ;)
   19:44:53	jef:	kalxas: jessie
   19:44:59	kalxas:	thanks jef
   19:44:59	jgarnett:	thanks everyone for your assistence on this one; really appricate the chance to go forward and deliver this darn project to our community :)
   19:45:16	wildintellect:	that was the choice we made when we bought it
   19:45:29	wildintellect:	we did debate containers and virtualization at the time
   19:45:36	kalxas:	wildintellect, that is ok
   19:45:41	wildintellect:	osgeo7 is in the budget for this year
   19:45:49	kalxas:	exactly my thoughts
   19:45:56	wildintellect:	so we could also move on buying that and due virtualization on it
   19:46:09	wildintellect:	but we need to retire osgeo4 to make rack space
   19:46:20	robe2:	wildintellect composing mail now we said Debian -- Debian 8 okay
   19:46:25	kalxas:	so we have fixed rack space?
   19:46:28	robe2:	They have Debian 7 and Debian 8
   19:46:39	wildintellect:	sure latest Debian sounds good
   19:46:58	wildintellect:	kalxas, yes limited rack space/power
   19:47:08	wildintellect:	fyi newer machines are smaller and more power efficient
   19:47:15		* kalxas will avoid flaming this chat with systemd :D
   19:47:18	jgarnett:	perhaps we should discuss on mailing list; there were a few more agenda topics and only 10mins remaining.
   19:47:28	wildintellect:	also osgeo4 is going to fail soon
   19:48:00	wildintellect:	sure lets try to discuss LDAP in this context, might need to move other topics to next meeting OCT 26
   19:48:35	wildintellect:	I somewhat explained - "Available machines and their load"
   19:49:09	wildintellect:	strk, is LDAP topic yours?
   19:49:49	cvvergara:	I have a presentation at this time on oct 26
   19:49:50	robe2:	wildintellect we want backup or leave that out for now -- looks like for 150GB it adds 19 Euro / month
   19:49:57	robe2:	I presume we can add it on later
   19:50:26	wildintellect:	robe2, yes lets discuss that on email - we have a backup machine we can send stuff to ourselves
   19:50:53	strk:	hey
   19:50:59	strk:	sorry I just realized we had a meeting
   19:51:00	strk:	:(
   19:51:14	wildintellect:	want to talk LDAP for 5 minutes?
   19:51:17	jef:	strk: yes, tomorrow is today
   19:51:41		* wildintellect flew back from tomorrow, yesterday
   19:52:08	strk:	I'm so far from everything I dunno what I can add to what I added to the wiki already
   19:52:26	strk:	LDAP: we are requiring a mantra to complete registration, tools to complete registration are logging to syslog
   19:52:44	robe2:	okay sent email to SAC
   19:52:55	strk:	we have NO way to tell when a LDAP credential was last used (there's a trac ticket to request that feature)
   19:53:04	jmckenna:	and wiki linking through LDAP also
   19:53:21	strk:	right, there's no wiki linking through LDAP
   19:53:25	wildintellect:	and new website LDAP
   19:53:27	jmckenna:	important
   19:53:33	strk:	new website LDAP should be easy
   19:53:41	wildintellect:	so we have a big list of LDAP related tasks
   19:53:43	strk:	whoever sets up the website should be able to use LDAP
   19:53:59	strk:	there's a "ldap" keyworkd I've been using on trac
   19:54:05	wildintellect:	should we look into paying an LDAP expert to solve these questions?
   19:54:11	strk:	+1
   19:54:18	jmckenna:	i saw mention of "harison + LDAP + SAC"...who is harison? i have never heard of him before, ever
   19:54:26	strk:
   19:54:27	sigabrt:	Title: Custom Query – OSGeo (at
   19:54:41	strk:	Harrison is the one who couldn't complete the task with MarketingCommetee
   19:54:45	strk:	aka astrodog
   19:54:55	jmckenna: he a SAC member?
   19:55:00	strk:	I've seen him recently talking in discuss or dunno what
   19:55:00	jmckenna:	i have never heard of him
   19:55:00	wildintellect:	note, he did help with Codehaus migration on a previous contract
   19:55:06	wildintellect:	yes he joined SAC
   19:55:22	wildintellect:	he's been on IRC for years
   19:55:37	jmckenna:	ah codehaus
   19:55:39	strk: (not much written here)
   19:55:40	sigabrt:	Title: User:Astrodog - OSGeo (at
   19:56:01	jmckenna:	so marketing committee paid harison, i see
   19:56:11	strk:	he's "Harrison Grundy" here:
   19:56:11	jgarnett:	I understand he ran into some health troubles earlier in the year, and did let us know so we sat around waiting :(
   19:56:12	sigabrt:	Title: SAC - OSGeo (at
   19:56:20	jmckenna:	yikes
   19:56:23	strk:	I'm not sure he got the money
   19:56:31	strk:	probably not (I hope not, I mean.. he didn't deliver anything)
   19:56:47	jgarnett:	money? he was a volunteer from SAC, you did not sign a contract with him.
   19:56:47	jmckenna:	yikes
   19:57:01	strk:	I don't think SAC signed any contract, but I thought Marketing Com. did ?
   19:57:02	jmckenna:	time to think differently all
   19:57:04	strk:	or just prepared it ?
   19:57:11	strk:	or what was the 3K ?
   19:57:13	jgarnett:	nope, hosting is SAC
   19:57:15	jmckenna:	let us now treat OSGeo as we treat GetInteractive
   19:57:31	wildintellect:	we had a previous contract with him for codehaus migration, his work on the new website was volunteer
   19:57:48	strk:	so there was a communication problem
   19:57:57	strk:	or I'm too slow to understand things
   19:57:58	wildintellect:	anyways, back to LDAP, lets put together a scope of work on the tasks
   19:58:05	jmckenna:	we can't put these critical things on volunteers. we must pay our own experts for time. change in thinking is needed
   19:58:06	wildintellect:	so we can put it out to bid for a contract
   19:58:11	jgarnett:	Yep, SAC has a quote for hosting for $3000 from Get Interactive, think it was approved above.
   19:58:20	jmckenna:	yes LDAP is critical
   19:58:39	wildintellect:	jgarnett, with modifications, the current plan is under $1000
   19:58:46	jgarnett:	ah nice
   19:59:26	strk:	I think we need a generic contract for sysadmin, like the previous 2 ones made with me
   19:59:27	jgarnett:	Note that SAC negotation of small contracts inspired this approach - volunteers backed by professional help when we can afford it.
   19:59:35	wildintellect:	any volunteers to write the scope of work for LDAP tasks?
   19:59:41	jgarnett:	(gotta run folks, thanks for having me as a guest)
   19:59:41	robe2:	strk yes I agree we need a generic contract
   19:59:45	jmckenna:	strk: agreed
   19:59:50	jmckenna:	very important
   20:00:04	jmckenna:	strk did critical work for the foundation
   20:00:33	strk:	if we don't find a candidate within SAC we need to look outside
   20:00:36	wildintellect:	ok well we need some volunteers to write short scope of work (bullet points is fine), on what such contracts would cover
   20:00:53	strk:	but SAC chair should take an active role in writing such call-for-interest
   20:01:10	strk:	I think we should use trac, it's already bulletted
   20:01:21	jmckenna:	sounds good
   20:01:22	wildintellect:	thats fine make a list of top tickets
   20:01:32	wildintellect:	I can write a paragraph around that
   20:01:36	strk:	order by priority:
   20:01:36	wildintellect:	and we can send it out
   20:01:37	sigabrt:	Title: Custom Query – OSGeo (at
   20:01:54	strk:	and as volunteers we can try to clean that list up, close obsoleted tickets, change priorities etc.
   20:01:59	wildintellect:	apologies I need to go
   20:02:06	strk:	for example I've the impression that SSL is a bigger priority these days
   20:02:12	wildintellect:	+1 that sounds like a good idea
   20:02:14	strk:	as some people cannot browse OSGeo website
   20:02:36	jmckenna:	strk: i recently got that feedback as well, SSL importance
   20:02:45	wildintellect:	please put that on the next agenda
   20:02:48	jmckenna:	i think a US federal agency requires it now
   20:03:21	strk:	same list as above but excluding OSGeoLive:!LiveDVD&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&order=priority
   20:03:23	sigabrt:	Title: Custom Query – OSGeo (at
   20:03:25	strk:	the SSL thing is 3rd in the list already
   20:04:01	jmckenna:	interesting
   20:04:14	jmckenna:	good thing for this contract
   20:04:33	strk:	and I just closed the first as invalid, so it's now 2nd
   20:04:46	strk:	look how it becomes 1st now
   20:04:49	jmckenna:	ha, uh oh
   20:04:50	robe2:	yes ssl is important
   20:05:10	strk:	there, other one is closed as wontfix
   20:05:12	robe2:	we have a wildcard for *
   20:05:17	strk:	there's a lot of these old unactable tickets
   20:05:34	strk:	so a contracted sysadmin (and any volunteer) could go around closing those tickets
   20:05:40	strk:	and approaching the real ones
   20:06:04	strk:	and further organize components/proprities to help with that
   20:06:16	jmckenna:	nodding my head yes here
   20:06:23	strk:	robe2: the problem is not obtaining the certificate, but better not be specific here, it's all in the ticket
   20:06:38	strk:	here we just need to decide on action
   20:07:08	strk:	and I think action should be asking who'd be up for getting 5k USD for working trough those tickets for one 50 hours
   20:07:44	robe2:	This is just for SSL tickets?
   20:07:54	robe2:	or we talking SSL/LDAP?
   20:07:57	jmckenna:	a general contract
   20:07:59	strk:	there are currently 201 open tickets _excluding_ the LiveDVD ones
   20:08:05	strk:	general contract
   20:08:09	robe2:	okay
   20:08:10	jmckenna:	a lot of work ha!
   20:08:15	strk:	to be renewed as much as possible (to different people, possibly)
   20:08:16	jmckenna:	lots to do
   20:08:29	strk:	we want more people in turn to get this role, in the hope they'll stick around even after contract ends
   20:08:44	strk:	so each one gets a chance to spend time understanding more about the situation
   20:08:52	jmckenna:	good plan
   20:08:54	strk:	and can be more effective even as a volunteer later
   20:09:06	robe2:	good plan
   20:09:12	jef:	can anyone comment on #2007's validity?
   20:09:12	robe2:	Okay I post an email
   20:09:50	robe2:	Does general contract only limited to people in SAC or anyone or anyone in OSGeo at large
   20:09:51	strk:	jef: did you try looking up ldap via email address ?
   20:10:08	strk:	robe2: I think SAC people should take precedence, if nobody answers we should ask in OSGeo at large
   20:10:32	strk:	but with the idea that anyone signing such contract would end up joining SAC
   20:11:13	cvvergara:	So, maybe this is an idea
   20:12:11	cvvergara:	there is the GSI thing, maybe we can have the students clasify the issues ...
   20:12:19	cvvergara:	but then again that is for novemeber
   20:12:29	cvvergara:	and maybe is not such a good idea
   20:12:54	jmckenna:	GCI = Google Code-in
   20:13:00	jmckenna:	students 13-17 age
   20:13:11	jmckenna:	but...these tasks are very low-level
   20:13:14	strk:	students classifying tickets, dunno how helpful that'd be
   20:13:41	jmckenna:	not sure either cvvergara but i like your thinking!
   20:14:21	strk:	me too, maybe they could do something like: query the trac DB to check bugs last updated more than 7 years ago and ask if they are still needed
   20:14:26	strk:	that's simpler to do
   20:14:57	robe2:	strk yah I like that and there are a ton of those
   20:15:00	strk:	maybe they could add a keyword to mark them as candidate for closing as wontfix
   20:15:19	jmckenna:	interesting idea
   20:15:23	strk:	so at the end of GSI we could search for keyword and close all those who did not get a reply after 7 days or so
   20:15:32	jmckenna:	not bad
   20:16:02	cvvergara:	Sounds reasonable
   20:16:16	strk:	cvvergara: did you join SAC then ? Or are you already a member ?
   20:16:39	cvvergara:	I added my name on the SAC list
   20:16:49	cvvergara:	and asked for the mailing list also
   20:16:56	cvvergara:	yes, plan to work on the site
   20:17:34	cvvergara:	as part of the working team
   20:17:49	strk:	cool
   20:18:06	strk:	I'm really sorry I was late to the meeting :(
   20:18:14	jmckenna:	good meeting
   20:18:37	strk:	were decisions made ? will action follow ? :)
   20:18:39	jmckenna:	too bad for my website team. hopefully later the 'posession' will change ha
   20:18:54	jmckenna:	i think decisions were made earlier
   20:19:06	cvvergara:	So, I will make a sketch of the task for the GCI for SAC
   20:19:55	jmckenna:	cool
   20:19:59	jmckenna:	thanks for a good meeting all
   20:20:05	cvvergara:	thanks
   20:20:21	strk:	I'd also like to see LiveDVD move out of the "osgeo" trac instance, as it gets lots of tickets
   20:20:32	strk:	but dunno who's in that group to talk about this
   20:20:43	cvvergara:	yeah, I have my own tickets here:
   20:20:53	strk:	robe2: were you the scribble ? Will I read a report on SAC list ?
   20:21:04	cvvergara:
   20:21:05	sigabrt:	Title: Issues · cvvergara/OSGeoLive-doc · GitHub (at
   20:21:22	jmckenna:	cvvergara: maybe you can help strk with moving trac issues?
   20:21:51	jmckenna:	strk do we just need a new "component" for OSGeo-Live on trac??
   20:21:58	robe2:	strk scribble?
   20:22:02	strk:	there is a component already
   20:22:10	strk:	robe2: the one who takes notes and then reports to the list :)
   20:22:12	jmckenna:	oh
   20:22:15	cvvergara:	I think first the OSGeoLive project needs to be informed, so that they can makea decistion of where to place them
   20:22:16	robe2:	I was just going to take the irc log once we are done and dump it in the wiki as our transcript
   20:22:27	jmckenna:	"scribe"
   20:22:42	strk:	"scribe", sorry :)
   20:22:45	cvvergara:	(note that I am talking in third person as me and many here are on the project, bt I am speaking as SAC here)
   20:22:46	jmckenna:	:D
   20:23:08	strk:	cvvergara: great! I think I've asked in the past (darkblue maybe, or kalxas too?)
   20:23:19	cvvergara:	and
   20:23:20	robe2:	strk and jmckenna I've submitted two notes to list -- the next steps for new website which I expect Alex to forward to Mike to get ball rolling
   20:23:28	robe2:	and request for $5000 USD general contract
   20:23:30	strk:	but didn't understand the outcome of the decision, there was some talking about moving to github, some to Gogs... so dunno
   20:23:35	jmckenna:	thanks robe2
   20:23:42	strk:	thanks robe2