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OSGeo Member
Name: Maria Arias de Reyna Delawen.jpeg
Job Title: Software Engineer
Company: GeoCat bv
City: Sevilla
State: Spain
Country: Spain
Local Chapter: OSGeo-es
Email: delawen # gmail
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): Spanish; English
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

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Maria Arias de Reyna

María Arias de Reyna

GIS Team member of GeoCat

Location: Sevilla, Spain

María (aka Délawen) is specialized in Metadata and Routing. Currently focusing on her work around GeoNetwork at GeoCat. She participates actively in OSGeo-ES initiatives and Geoinquietos Sevilla (a little local group part of a broader network of microchapters). Also, she never misses the Girona's Sig Libre Conference. Read more!

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  • Current member of Spanish Chapter Board (since 2012)
  • GeoNetwork user, developer and translator
  • gvSIG user and former third party plugins developer
  • Former OpenLS / GoFleet primary developer
  • OpenStreetMap evangelizer. Open Data believer.
  • FLOSS Evangelizer, in general. Debian fan.
  • OpenLayers and PostGIS power user