Board Meeting 2007 01 19

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The 23rd board meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the 19th of January at 16:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.



These are the minutes of the 23rd board meeting of the OSGeo Board of Directors.

  • Board members present: Frank Warmerdam, Jo Walsh, Chris Holmes, Markus Neteler, Gary Lang, Arnulf Christl, Dave McIlhagga
  • Others present: Heather Meeker (GT Law, legal counsel via Autodesk), Porter Merriman (Autodesk), Jennifer Daehler (Autodesk)

Appoint meeting secretary

Arnulf was appointed secretary.

Review and approve Twenty Second Board Meeting minutes

Vote to approve minutes of the 22nd board meeting were carried.

Confirm FOSS4G 2007 Governance proposal

Motioned by Chris seconded by Gary, motion carried

Confirm FOSS4G 2007 Budget

Motion carried.

Confirm Howard Butler as new SAC chair

Howard Butler appointed as new chair and OSGeo officer of SAC. Thanks a lot to Norm for leading things during the transition.

Approve OSGeo Letter of Support

Letter of Support for FGDC CAP grant: Draft

Short discussion, motioned by Chris seconded by Gary, motion carried.

Contribution Agreements

(guests Porter Merriman and Jennifer Daehler from Autodesk and Heather Meeker Contributor agreements, and copyright assignment were discussed in some detail. Legal advice is strongly in favor of some form of contributor agreement for OSGeo projects to provide a reasonable degree of diligence. Heather agreed to work on a revised version of the Contributor Agreement Rich prepared in the spring, as well as a suggested Copyright Assignment document for further review.

Update from Tyler

Tyler could not attend.

Discuss board-priv use and membership

Short discussion. It was pointed out that it must be possible to discuss issues regarding the ED position without Tyler. It was assumed that all in the board are capable of typing in eight email adresses by hand if need be. Tyler thus is on the board priv list. This list is only to be used in cases that need discretion. Did secretary miss anything about membership?

Discuss relationship with OGC

It was discussed that OSGeo might create a standards committee as of point of contact with the OGC. Tyler to prepare a statement as part of the FAQ on OSGeo and standards. Get input from OGC.