Board Meeting 2007 03 23

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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 23rd of March at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.



  • Appoint meeting secretary
    • Present: Jo, Tyler, Venka, Frank, Chris, Markus, Dave
    • Tyler secretary
  • Consider ka-map for OSGeo hosting, SAC willing.
    • As an informal project only using hosting services, but also considering applying to incubation
    • Board discussing that ka-map fits general goals
    • Reviewing the general idea of hosting indirectly
    • Dave moved, second Frank, all in favour
    • Left to SAC to decide
  • Consider appointing corporate secretary to replace Rich. Perhaps Tyler?
    • Discussing tracking role of position
    • Many tasks Tyler is already doing
    • Frank moved, Jo second, all in favour
    • TODO: Tyler - summary of Secretary position responsibilities - see standard roles from other groups
    • TODO: Tyler - let Rich know about change
  • Approve Membership Process.
    • Renamed page to "New Membership Process"
    • Also discussing how many new members to add, as discussed on mailing list
    • Further revisions can be made and improved and incorporated into bylaws at a later date
    • Changing "criteria" to "positive attributes"
    • Frank moved, Jo second, all in favour
  • Task CRO to start with Charter Membership election process
    • Some discussion about next steps
    • Frank moved, Dave second, all in favour
  • Review rough cash flow summaries (Tyler)
    • Reviewed docs and discussed particulars
  • Open Technology conference - general discussion (Tyler and others)
    • Tyler and Chris gave brief overview of events and contacts made
    • Significant movement at higher levels in US Gov., still need lots of more time before lower levels know how to implement/adopt open source solutions
    • Strong OSGeo member showing at the event
  • Brief discussion about invite from Promote GIS (Tyler)
    • Discussed role and scope of the organisation
    • Question about who are their sponsors and partners
    • Tyler to pursue participation at professional level, not on behalf of OSGeo in particular but to represent our OSS interests and projects where possible
    • Potential overlap with groups like Kids GIS and EOGeo, will point them to those groups
  • FOSS4G contract update (Tyler)
    • Trying to find middle ground to large, complex legal contract and simple contract to get conference management company going.
    • TODO: Tyler discuss further with Porter re: any particular contract concerns from consultant, then circulate for discussion and sign
  • Insurance update (Tyler)
    • Preliminary quotes received and being reviewed
  • Close meeting
    • Jo moved, Frank seconded, all in favour