Board Meeting 2007 11 02

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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 2nd of November at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.



  • Role call: Paul, Frank, Arnulf, Markus, Tyler, Chris
  • Appoint meeting secretary: Tyler
  • Review and approved Twenty Eighth Board Meeting
    • Frank moved, Markus seconds, all in favour, carried
  • Review and approved Board Meeting FOSS4G2007 minutes.
    • Deferred while confirming existance of minutes elsewhere
  • Approve OpenLayers Incubation Graduation
    • Incubation committee recommends graduation
    • Chris moves, Frank seconds, all in favour, carried
    • OpenLayers officially graduated
  • Approve GEOS to enter incubation
    • Incubation committee recommending accepting GEOS into incubation
    • Frank moves, Chris seconds, all in favour, carried
    • Needs to add mentor to Trac ticket
    • GEOS officially in incubation
  • Approve renaming of Promotion and Visibility Committee to Marketing Committee
    • Paul moves, Chris seconds, alli n favour, carried
    • VisCom is now called Marketing
  • Approve Charlie Schweik as new Education Committee chair, and Ned Horning as co-chair.
    • Frank moves, Chris seconds, all in favour, carried
    • Charlie and Ned are chairs of Education Committee]]
  • Approve David Bitner as new Geodata Committee chair
    • Arnulf moves, Frank seconds, all in favour, carried
    • David is now chair of Geodata committee
  • Introduce OSGeo 2008 Budget and Role of Finance Committee - Discussion of any immediate Budget items that must be dealt with in short term before formal approval of Budget
    • Dave bringing budget forward in next meeting
  • Discussion between board and Jody on a path forward for GeoTools incubation and copyright assignment. Prereading: GeoTools Legal Review: see "the current pitch" near bottom, and Graduate from OSGeo.
    • Jody was unable to attend, deferred his part of the discussion
    • General discussion about why this is still a question, and what other projects are doing
    • Adrian Custer joined the discussion to present the current case
    • Question of whether Board needs to have some more discussion about OSGeo taking on fiduciary responsibility for projects
    • Chris to help get further review done, between Adrian, Jody, Heather and cc:'ing Arnulf
  • Discuss Cameron's email to the board titled Board Proposal: Statement of OSGeo Legal Support
  • Provide direction to the conference committee on FOSS4G 2009 profit targets to be expected from RFP responders.
    • Lots of discussion
  • Update on Pro-Active Sponsorship efforts
    • Nothing to report
  • Info from Dave M. re. kick-starting OSGeo installer initiative
    • Jeff McKenna will be starting discussions about bringing together the various installer platforms, i.e. MS4W and opening it up, but to include more OSGeo projects
  • Deferred: Review and approve proposal for highlighting sponsors and contributors (FrankW to prepare).
  • Arnulf had some discussion with IOSN. He will bring up item on list or in next meeting to discuss how/why/when OSGeo could associate with other organisations.
  • Closing meeting 16:18UTC
    • Chris moves, Arnulf second, all in favour