Board Meeting 2011-11-10

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 10th of November 2011 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype.


  • Review past minutes: Board Meeting 2011-10-05
  • Appoint secretary
  • Action items from last meeting
    1. mpg: remove last line from Code Sprint Guidelines [done]
    2. Peter: make mission text same on all pages
    3. Jeff/Tim: draft RCMRD MOU
    4. Peter: look into conf call options
    5. All: review Tyler's task list and prioritize, mark for budget if outsourcing is the option
  • (Motion to) accept Jody Garnett as new Incubation Committee chair replacing Daniel Morissette
  • (Motion to) establish a North America Region Chapter OSGeo-NA
  • Discuss how to proceed with FOSS4G 2012 in Beijing.
  • Geospatial Media offer to join organizing the Open Source track at Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam (see mail)
  • Review, simplify and harmonize OSGeo Bylaws, guidelines and OSGeo Constitution
  • Review What's_Not_Working and What's Working (last edits from 2006) and update or delete (not sure whether we need this pages).
  • Task WebCom (if still alive) with web site redesign, see also and WebCom_OSGeo_Site_Focus#All_Together_Now
  • Initial contact point for sponsorship requests and follow-ups.
  • please add items


  • logistics
    • detailed conversation log:
    • Attending: Michael Gerlek (mpg) , Mark Lucas (dropped off at 0:45), Jo Cook (archaeogeek) , Frank Warmerdam (FrankW_), Arnulf Christl (seven), Daniel Morissette (dmorissette), Jeff McKenna (jmckenna), Tim Schaub (tschaub)
    • Also attending: Tyler Mitchell (spatialguru)
    • Regrets: Peter Batty
    • Absent: (none)
    • Chair: Arnulf
    • Scribe: mpg
  • roll call
  • review past minutes
    • approved
  • approve Jody as Incubation Chair
    • approved
  • motion for NA chapter
    • much discussion
    • agreed to defer; Mark follow up on emails
  • Beijing 2012 event
    • Jeff to prepare a proposal to discuss with Beijing and Board, the spirit of which is:
      • there is a perceived lack of communications from the LOC which has us concerned
      • also, we know there are lots of logistics we (Board, prior LOC experienced people) can help out with
      • we are considering hiring Jeff to do this
    • Jeff to report back on 17th
    • Gary Sherman notes the need for openness and public discussion, due to obvious possible conflict of interest
      • Arnulf to send board mtg email to discuss list w/in 1 week
  • Geospatial Media offer to join organizing the Open Source track at Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam
    • Arnulf to own this
  • Need to simplify our bylaws
    • need a team with at least one board member to review current bylaws, solicit general membership, make recommendations for changes
    • Jo to lead this team
    • bylaws changes to find a way to fix board voting procedures
  • WebCom redesign issue
    • moved to sac/WebCom, no board action to be taken
  • contact point for sponsorships?
    • will be Arnulf for now
    • may hand off/rotate in time
  • additional items
    • mpg to send out email with all motions

Assigned Tasks

  • Frank: try to contact RCMRD once more re: MOU
  • mpg: get a google voice phone number for OSGeo
  • Mark: continue email threads on NA chapter formation
  • Jeff: prepare proposal for aiding Beijing LOC (due Nov 17th)
  • Arnulf: send out summary of meeting to discuss list (due Nov 17th)
  • Jo: form bylaws team
  • mpg: send out motions for formal voting


  1. approval of previous meeting's minutes - m/Daniel, 2/Frank, all +1
  2. codesprint guidelines approved - m/Frank, 2/mpg, all +1
  3. approve Jody as Incubation Chair - m/Daniel, 2/Arnulf, all +1
  4. Jo to serve as chair of bylaws task force - m/mpg, 2/Frank, all +1
  5. close meeting [not voted]

All motions passed by a vote on the Board mailing list.