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OSGeo is a Strategic Institutional Partner of the Geospatial World Forum and contributes an Open Source Seminar.


Geospatial World Forum is a premier global geospatial industry event aimed at connecting communities, knowledge sharing, business development and raising the industry profile. It creates a platform to bring forth thought leadership and showcase state-of-the-art technology and its utility in the world economy. The conference aims at enriching the geospatial ecosystem, which comprises of the geospatial technology providers, users, policy makers and the academia with market intelligence, latest technology knowledge, success stories and capacity building. It is a confluence of a variety of activities in the form of plenary, symposia, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, dialogue and exchange forums – covering the vast gamut of technology, application, policy, use cases from across the world.

The Event Owner of the Open Source Seminar is the OSGeo Nederlands Local Chapter.

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